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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2007.24 – Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Traveling with Rev. Master from CREST to Tiruppur
10th June 2007 to 17th June 2007
Report contributed by Br. Amir Imani

After an extended stay in Bangalore, Master decided to leave on the 10th of June by car towards Tiruppur.  The Banashankari ashram in Bangalore was packed with abhyasis coming for Sunday satsangh and a last glimpse of their beloved.  Late-comers had to sit on the stairs leading to the meditation hall as there was no space anywhere in the hall!  After lunch and rest, Master and His company of following cars left the ashram.  A line of well-wishing abhyasis were standing alongside the street touching His hand that was stretched out of the window of His car.

The road between Bangalore and the next stop, Natrampalli ashram, is a scenic road with green fields and farms as far as one can see.  Having Master’s car in our sight moving through the beauty of the road felt like our life journey where by focusing on “The Truth” we move through scenes of life unattached, and unaffected.  The Natrampalli ashram has a unique character in a very rural surrounding.  It looks old, simple, and inviting.  The courtyard, where Master sat for a few minutes after inspecting the ashram and giving needed instructions, would evoke a nostalgic image of beloved Babuji Maharaj in Shahjahanpur; the surrounding old buildings, the cows in one corner, the sound of working abhyasis in the kitchen, and the Master among enthusiastic listeners.  Only the “hubble & bubble” of the hookah was missing.

After a night rest, Master and His company left for the next destination, Erode.  On the way along the trip, He would stop briefly to meet abhyasis from different centres who had gathered on the roadside.   After a few hours of rest in Erode, Master left for Tiruppur where He went directly to the Diamond Jubilee Park (DJ Park), the site of massive preparatory work for the July Celebrations.  Indeed, Master has been visiting DJ Park on a daily basis since He arrived in Tiruppur.  He visits every corner of the campus and ensures that everything is moving according to the plan.

Volunteers are working hard to prepare the venue for the thousands of abhyasis expected in July.  Looking at the sheer size of the meditation hall, one can not help but being overwhelmed by the image of thousands sitting in one single satsangh.  On Sunday, June 17th, nearly four thousand abhyasis gathered at the D.J. park to attend the morning satsangh conducted by Master followed by the solemnization of four weddings and the inauguration of His cottage – completed only five months after having laid the foundation stone in January 2007!

Master is planning to stay here for a couple of days before returning to Chennai.

To conclude, Master’s favorite lines past few days have been:  looking at a huge tree, get the fruit and cut it, what do you see? the seed.  Get the seed and cut it, and there is “nothing”.  Out of “nothing” has come “everything”.  You must think.  The truth is not to be accepted but realized, and for that you must work.

Some photographs taken during this period can be seen at: