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Scholarship Training Programme for India

The Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation is supporting a Scholarship Training Programme for India. This 7 days programme, meant specifically for young abhyasis living in India, is held twice in the year, with 25 to 30 participants in each batch.

Each session specifically targets states in India where Sahaj Marg presence is developing.

The programme includes strengthening and deepening of the practice and principles of Sahaj Marg, a more comprehensive knowledge and awareness of the most important aspects in the spiritual sphere and a thorough understanding of the functioning of the Mission.

This programme will be composed of talks by faculty members, guided discussions in small groups, practical exercises and personal experience of the practice and principles of Sahaj Marg. It is a unique occasion to dive into spirituality and become a torch bearer of Sahaj Marg under the care and guidance of Master.