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Participation Request For Shukla Tirth Retreat Center

1. Rev. Master has advised that the Retreat programme is only recommended for abhyasis with more than one year of Sahaj Marg practice.

2. If you have any physical health problem please ensure that you carry your Doctor’s certification of fitness, prescription and enough medicine for the period of your stay.

3. The participation in the retreat programme is not permitted while you are on medication or being treated for any mental health problem.

4. Calendar: Sisters : February, April 1 - 25, June, August, October, December 1 - 23
 Brothers : January 2 - 31, March, May 5 - 31, July 1- 20, September1-25, November

5. Please submit the participation request at least 3 weeks before your planned arrival.

6. Children are not permitted at Shukla Tirth Retreat Centre.

For detailed guidelines, see Retreat Centers

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Calendar For Men and Women Batches for Shukla Tirth Retreat Center Melaka, Malaysia
Sisters: February, April 1 - 25, June, Aug, October, December 1 - 23
Brothers : January 2 - 31, March, May 6 - 31, July 1- 20, September 1-20, November

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Please ensure that you carry your prescription and enough medicine for the period of your stay

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Sahaj Marg Practice Background

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Participating in the retreat

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My family knows of my decision to participate in retreat program at Shukla Tirth Retreat Centre.
I have read and agree to these policies and shall abide by them while at at Shukla Tirth Retreat Centre, Melaka. I also understand that SRCM will not be responsible for accidents or injury to retreatant or for damage or loss of money, personal property or valuables of any kind. Retreatants shall hold SRCM harmless and agree to indemnify SRCM from any and all liabilities. Retreatants agree to follow the rules set by the management of the ShuklaTirth Retreat Centre, Melaka.