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Molena, GA, USA

General Information

The ashram located in Molena, about 60 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia, is the largest SRCM ashram in North America.The facility, which is situated on a 32-acre woodland property, offers individuals who practice Sahaj Marg opportunities for gathering, living, and working together in a spiritually charged atmosphere.

The ashram building complex, which includes an industrial kitchen, a dining area, bedrooms and bathrooms, a children’s indoor playroom and outdoor play area,  a meditation room, a library, and a bookstore, can accommodate as many as 200 people in the dormitory style accommodation.

The facility is thus appropriately sized for day-long, weekend, or week-long gatherings that are local or regional in scope.  Larger gatherings, national or even international in scope, also take place on an annual or biennial basis.  On those occasions, large tents provide additional space for sleeping and for meditation.  Room and board are offered free of charge at the ashram, although donations may be made on a voluntary basis.

For more information about Molena, please visit www.srcmmolena.org or send an email to molena@srcm.org

Molena Ashram Website

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