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Criteria for participation/application

To be eligible for application, the candidate must:

  • Belong to the states selected by Master according to the needs of the Mission in view of SRCM development in India
  • Have at least two years of practice in Sahaj Marg
  • Be under 45 years
  • Have a real zeal for learning more about Sahaj Marg, to further strengthen and deepen his own spiritual practice and his understanding of the practice and principles of Sahaj Marg
  • Be serious in his endeavour and has a desire for public service of the highest order
  • Be proficient in English. This clause is recommended as all classes will be in English, but not mandatory. In the case where the candidate does not possess enough knowledge of English to follow the classes, it will be possible to arrange for Hindi translation. It is of great importance to inform the programme organizers well in advance to arrange for a translator.
  • Be able to participate in the entire programme.

Abhyasis cannot self-apply for the Scholarship Training Programme for India.

The selection process is a top-down approach. The list of states participating in the training programme is under the direct care of Master and will be announced by the director to the Zonal In-Charges (ZIC). The selection process is then initiated by the ZIC in the chosen zones.


  • The participants will pay for their own ticket and other travel expenses.
  • The SMSF will cover food and accommodation costs at the Ashram.