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SPURS Ranch Retreat Center - Program

Duration: Can be from 3 days to 30 days. Participants coming for 3 days, except for meal preparation and final clean-up, will do no tasks at the Ranch.

Participation: Open to all abhyasis who have practiced Sahaj Marg for a minimum of two years. Sisters and brothers will retreat in alternating months.

Possible Daily Schedule: (Abhyasis should feel free to structure their own schedules)

05:30 AM: Self wake-up
06:00 AM: Morning Meditation
07:00 AM: Physical exercise
08:00 AM: Breakfast followed by Cleanup
09:00 AM: Meditating, Walking, Diary
writing/Contemplation (For those staying for more than 3 days: ranch work [1 hour])
11:30 AM: Lunch, including preparation and cleanup
01:00 PM: Brief rest
01:30 PM: Meditating, Walking, Diary
03:30 PM: Individual sitting (likely only once per week and if needed)
4:00 P. M. Tea (if wanted) with oneself
06:00 PM: Dinner, including preparation and cleanup
08:30 PM: Cleaning
09:00 PM: Universal Prayer
10:30 PM: Lights out