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Satkhol Application Form Guidelines

Dear Brother/Sister,

Please read through the guidelines given below before clicking "Proceed" to complete the Satkhol Application Form.

You will now be able to go to Satkhol in the months of July and August. Batches for this period will open on March 31, 2017. No batches will be available for the months of December and January.


  • Abhyasis must have completed a minimum of one year of practice in Sahaj Marg to apply for permission to visit Satkhol.
  • Only abhyasis with permanent ID cards may apply.
  • Master has instructed that abhyasis who are over sixty five years of age will not be permitted to visit Satkhol even if they are in sound health.
  • Children under five years of age are not permitted to visit Satkhol.
  • Abhyasis who have already visited Satkhol ashram will have to wait for a minimum of four years before applying again. However, persons applying for the first time will be given the first preference.
  • Abhyasis who have not availed of their earlier permission for whatever reason, will have to wait for at least four years before applying again.
  • Permission cannot be given to abhyasis who specifically wish to visit only when Master visits, as it is not possible to know when Rev. Master will be in Satkhol.
  • Please apply only for the batches specified. Visits during other times will not be permitted.
  • Permissions will be given for the period of one batch only.
  • Batches begin on a Tuesday and end on the following Sunday. Abhyasis are requested to arrive in Satkhol on the allocated Tuesday morning and leave by Sunday evening at the latest.
  • Regrettably, extensions of stay beyond the permitted period are not possible.


  • Application form must be complete with all the required information. Incomplete forms will not be processed. For faster and easier communication, please give a valid email address.
  • Complete mailing address, age and ID number are all compulsory.
  • Children above five years of age who are accompanying their parents must be mentioned on the form. It is not possible to include any additional names after the allocations are done.
  • The local preceptor must approve all applications. Forms will not be processed until the preceptor’s verification is received by the Satkhol registration office.


For the benefit of the abhyasis, please ensure that:

  • The abhyasi has completed one full year of Sahaj Marg practice before applying.
  • The abhyasi is attending satsangh and taking individual sittings regularly.
  • The abhyasi is not over sixty five years old.
  • The abhyasi has a permanent ID card.
  • The abhyasi is in sound mental health and is not taking medication for depression.
  • The abhyasi is not seriously asthmatic or having any other serious illness requiring special medical attention.


  • All abhyasis, including those having their own arrangements for accommodation, must obtain prior written permission from Chennai to visit Satkhol. Abhyasis arriving without written permission will regrettably be refused admission.
  • Abhyasis who have an apartment in Babuji Nilayam and wish to stay there at any time, must get prior written approval, by sending a request via email to satkhol@srcm.org
  • All abhyasis who have been permitted to visit Satkhol must send in the confirmation of their visit well in advance. Failure to do this may result in their slot being allotted to another applicant.
  • Mutual exchange is not permitted. All cancellations must be notified immediately to satkhol<at>srcm.org. Any change in the postal address or phone numbers of the primary contact should be communicated immediately by email or by regular letter.
  • Any change in email address or phone numbers of the primary contact should be notified immediately via email to satkhol<at>srcm.org. Incorrect email address will result in non-receipt of important information.
  • Abhyasis who have been permitted to travel to Satkhol may use the Delhi ashram as a transit point. The Centre in Charge of the Delhi ashram must be notified in advance of your arrival. When you arrive, it will be necessary to show your Satkhol letter of permission as well as your Mission ID card.
  • Day visits to Satkhol need prior approval by writing to satkholashram@gmail.com
  • Abhyasis who apply for the scheduled batches are expected to stay in the Satkhol ashram and not outside, even if they have their own accommodation outside.
  • Wheelchair access is not available to the ashram in Satkhol.

In case of any further questions, please contact satkhol<at>srcm.org

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