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Heartfulness Retreat Center - Policies

All participants should read the policies below. Please fill-in the following document and send it along with your application. Note that you will be asked to sign the document when you arrive at Retreat Center to register.



The following policies are meant to make retreatants stay at the ranch a safe one. They are also to help maintain the beauty and purity of this special space and respect for the surrounding neighborhood. These policies are to be strictly adhered to by everyone at the SPURS.

  • Shoes and full-length pants are necessary at all times when walking on the grounds of the retreat center. They are needed for protection against insect bites, etc. Retreatants need to be prepared to deal with mosquitoes and chiggers. Everyone must take adequate precautions in the form of repellants, etc. Some repellants are available on site, but guests should bring their own as well.
  • Approaching or feeding any animals on the SPURS is strictly prohibited. (In the case of deer, mother deer will reject their fawns if they detect human scent.)
  • Retreatants must be alert to the possible presence of scorpions and snakes when walking on the grounds, especially when walking in the grass or shady areas.
  • Parking is permitted only in the designated areas. Fire code restrictions prohibit parking in driveways where emergency vehicles would need passageway.
  • Retreatants driving to and from the retreat center should not speed in the roads near the ranch. Please note that the speed limit on Kit Carson Road is 20 m. p. h. We must be especially cautious in driving on Jim Bridger Drive as there are frequently deer along the road.
  • Most of the areas near the ranch are private. The privacy of the folks living near the ranch must be respected.
  • Water must be used sparingly and everyone must take care not to waste it. For example, do not let the water run continuously while brushing teeth! Consider taking a traditional shower with bucket and pouring cup.
  • Retreatants are required to stay on the SPURS property during the entire time of their scheduled retreat. If retreatants wish to leave the premises during their retreat, they will be required to get prior permission from the resident prefect.
  • Smoking, the consumption of alcohol or non-vegetarian food, or any form of drug usage that is not prescribed by a licensed physician is strictly forbidden, and will mean automatic and immediate expulsion from the retreat program. That is, the retreatant will be required to leave the premises immediately!
  • Retreatants should wear appropriate clothing, and must respect the privacy and property of their fellow retreatants at all times.
  • Retreatants are responsible for preparing their own meals.  All meal shall be vegetarian.  
  • Retreatants will be accommodated in dormitory style facilities and will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Children are not permitted at the Retreat Centers.

Please maintain an attitude of love, remembrance and brotherhood when at the Ranch, and preserve the atmosphere that Master has created there.