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International Scholarship Award Programme

International Scholarship Award Programme, India, 29th January - 26th February 2012


Thirty-seven of us from twenty-two countries – Nicaragua, Madagascar, Algeria, Romania, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Russia, Belorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, China, and many others (I cannot state them all) – gathered in Delhi at the end of January 2012 to start the spiritual journey of our lives. It is not important to name each country, as we all found out the real meaning of being ONE. We met in the ashram in Delhi and started the intensive trip through North India, from Halwani to Moradabad and on to Satkhol. Heaven on Earth - that is how it felt to us. In an external sense, it seemed to be freezing (around four degrees during the night), but warmth came from the hearts of all. We experienced what real brotherhood means and transcended the six different languages we used every day and started to communicate without words. The language of the soul is universal.

When the entire range of snowy mountain peaks were released from the clouds that had covered them, revealing all their beauty, we knew it was a sign for us to leave.

In a refined and changed condition, our little group started the journey from Satkhol via Nainital, Haldwani and Moradabad to Delhi. From there we took a twenty-eight-hour train ride to Chennai. This was a crowning moment of being together: doing the practice together, singing, chatting, sleeping and eating a lot!

At last, we reached Chennai. Manapakkam. Home. We spent the majority of our precious time there – more than two weeks. Master was present, letting us feel his proximity, still so important to us, although the seed grew in our hearts so much that his presence is now very strong wherever we are. We had four very precious opportunities to meet him. The feelings I had while being together with him, I will keep for myself as an intimate treasure. Brother Kamlesh also dedicated his time to us, being so simple and honest and opening new doors of understanding for us.

Our sadhana has deepened, and there is still a lot to do in this lifetime. There are no words to express my gratitude for being granted this time with Master and the scholars and all the brothers and sisters who helped us during our journey. We were as one during that month and became extremely wealthy because of it. Thirty-seven spiritual ‘soldiers’ went home to spread the light and do the work. Let me conclude with an Italian proverb: “Ten of us who are willing to do can do more than thousands of us who are forced to do.” Let us change ourselves to fulfil our full potential and make this world a better place for all.

Report by Sister Andrea Brbaklic

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