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Babuji Maharaj' Birth Anniversary Celebrations

Installation of Beloved Babuji Maharaj's Statue


Respected Elders, Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are a little less than two months away from celebrating the birth anniversary of Pujya Shri Babuji Maharaj. Most of our members are familiar with the venue, which will once again be Kanha Shanti Vanam, Hyderabad. This grand celebration will begin with evening meditation on 29th April 2016, and will conclude with morning meditation on 1st May.

I must seek your cooperation in registering early enough in order to prevent guessing games as to how many will participate. During the Basant bhandara we prepared generously, though up until the last week we had no exact count. Moreover, the local abhyasis did not make use of the residential facilities and, on top of that, their hospitality spilled over to accommodate their friends and relatives in their homes, which left our well-prepared tents empty. So, this time, if you are not going to use the facilities offered at the site, please specify that you will not need onsite accommodation.

We sincerely request you to ONLY register yourselves if you are absolutely sure that you will participate in the bhandara. This will help us avoid under-preparation or over-preparation with the tents and other purchases needed for an event of such magnitude.

We cannot request non-registrants to return back from the venue; this would defeat the purpose of our celebration. But we do expect the courtesy of registering yourself for the occasion. Your simple gesture can help us save money in crores.

Let us come together in the spirit of love and unity, and celebrate the 117th birth anniversary of the Special Personality, Pujya Shri Babuji Maharaj.

With love and respect,

Kamlesh D. Patel
3rd March 2016, Manapakkam

Suggestion for Attending Celebrations

01SRCM Identity card permanent/temporary is a mandatory requirement during bhandara. In case Identity card not issued reference letter from center in-charge may be carried
02Always wear your Identity cards during bhandara especially while entering Ashram main gate. No entry without Identity card
03Temporary Identity card for Guests will be issued from security gate
04Guest will be allowed to stay inside Ashram up to 6 PM.
05Occupying tents as per instructions from accommodation volunteers.
06Carry less valuables items and limited cash during bhandara
07Paste a sticker/paper on your luggage and mobile with details of Name, Mobile No, ID No & Centre
08Keep your luggage locked when left unattended
09Follow and encourage others to maintain mobile free environment during bhandara and if required charge your mobiles/laptops in your presence
10Check your belongings before leaving meditation hall and bathroom/toilet room.
11Take care of your belongings while doing any volunteer work
12Kindly respect NO ENTRY ZONES
13Avoid moving to dark areas without torches to avoid snake/insect bite
14Report about any suspicious person to security volunteers
15Assist security volunteers to perform their duty more effectively
16Report to Lost and Found Counter for losses.
17Avoid moving outside your tent after 10PM unless urgent


The weather in Hyderabad during the period of the celebrations is likely to be very hot and windy. We are accustomed to be graced with heavy rains during celebrations; please plan and prepare for these weather conditions. Please carry blankets, caps, umbrella, mosquito repellents and torches.


Children below 15 years of age are advised not to attend the celebration. There is no provision for a children’s centre. Kindly adhere to this request.

Health and Age Advisory

As a measure to avoid serious health risks, it is advised that the following do not register for the celebration:

  • Those aged sixty-five (65) or older who need special assistance, care or attention.
  • People with health problems who have been advised by their doctor not to travel.

This is for the safety of all, due to climatic conditions at the venue, as well as limited health care facilities available at the venue.