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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2009.9 – Wednesday, 15 April 2009

83rd Birthday Celebrations of our Beloved Master
July 23 to 25, 2009 at Tiruppur, India

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Pranams! We are deeply grateful and joyous that our Beloved Master has graciously permitted us to celebrate His 83rd birthday at Tiruppur, India.
All the necessary information for participants is attached with this invitation.  It would be of great help if you all register as early as possible, to permit the organizers adequate time to prepare the facilities.
We invite all abhyasis to join in this auspicious occasion, where all our hearts are united in a natural and silent harmony, in His presence.
Ajay Bhatter

Please refer to the attached invitation, which can also be seen at the Mission's website at: http://www.srcm.org/members/24july2009/index.jsp
Updated Information about the Celebrations including Registration, Comfort Dorm, etc can be accessed at the above location.  The printed invitation circular and registration / comfort dorm forms will be sent by post to all centres in India shortly.
Kindly note that abhyasis are requested to register as early as possible, preferably before June 15, 2009.
For any clarifications, please feel free to contact the seminar coordinators at:  24july.helpdesk@srcm.org.




An Era of Hope and Opportunity

“…Prepare yourself for this birthday celebration; it will show to my son once again its growing importance from one year to another in the heart of our brothers and sisters. He is loved and his action bears its fruits, beyond our hopes. May the blessed day of his birth on Earth go down in the history of our Mission as an event to remember. It makes it blaze and lends credibility to it. Be happy to be, once again, in this incarnation, living in the wake of this exceptional being…”

- Babuji Maharaj,
from the Brighter World