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Ripples of Love

Nestled among the thickly forested hills of the Western Ghats of India, a stream flowing nearby, Malampuzha Retreat centre in Kerala provided a dramatic backdrop for Revered Chariji's power-packed interview on December 14, 2009. As he tackled a variety of topics including spirituality, life, dharma, and change, Chariji exuded an 'energy of love' that was nurturing, sustaining and transformative.

The interview continued later in Manapakkam, on 14th February, 2010, as Revered Chariji answered general questions on the spiritual Master, knowledge, education, our responsibility toward nature, women and spirituality, and much more. These special interviews will be released as a series of short video clips in the Ripples of Love section with a new video every fortnight


"I cannot throw a stone in a pond so that the ripple will only go to you, or to him. My effort is to set out these ripples so that like radio waves they go in all directions. We have to become capable of transmitting what He wants. For this I must be selfless."



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