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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.15 Saturday, 21 May 2011


By the benevolent grace of our Rev. Master, spiritual aspirants from all parts of the world are discovering and practising Sahaj Marg. Consequently, the Mission has grown by leaps and bounds over the last thirty years. The organization supporting this subtle spiritual edifice has to be continually updated to keep up with this rapid growth. Keeping this in mind, Rev. Master has launched an initiative to amend the organisational framework of the Mission, so that it may continue to serve effectively and unobtrusively, while preserving the pristine purity of the Sahaj Marg teaching and practice.

With this purpose, Master commissioned Dr. Ichak Adizes, one of the leading management thinkers in the world today and now a Prefect of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, to redesign the organisation. A group of twenty-five dedicated abhyasis, representing the diversity of Sahaj Marg, were selected and guided in intense deliberation by Dr. Adizes and Master at Paramdham, Bangalore, between 5th and 14th May, 2011.

The Adizes methodology is a systematic approach to managing change on the basis of mutual trust and respect. It has been tested in different corporate settings and is the result of 40 years of research by Dr. Adizes. Dr. Adizes asks the question why rather than who to address problems of organization structure. This framework was adapted and suitably applied to design the future organisation structure of Shri Ram Chandra Mission and its sister organisations. The new organisation was designed with the intent of:

  • Strengthening the spiritual support we extend to aspirants,
  • Preserving the spirit of service and collaboration within the organisation,
  • Creating a seamless organisation that does not obstruct the spiritual purpose and finally,
  • To reduce the increasing administrative burden on the Master.

There were three distinguishing features of the event:

  • The enthusiasm of the participants who were presented with this unique opportunity,
  • The purpose, persistence and passion of Dr. Adizes and his team, who tirelessly nudged the discussions to a meaningful conclusion,
  • The fatherly attention and protection of our Beloved Master, who patiently watched almost every minute of the proceedings and intervened whenever he sensed the possibility of even the slightest departure from His Master’s teachings.

The deliberations led to three major outcomes:

  • Creation of an organisation framework that can carry Sahaj Marg into the future, and the selection of a Global Service Team that will assist Master in fulfilling His Mission, which is, “To create and nurture an environment that supports the spiritual growth of aspirants”
  • Creation of a Covenant of Sahaj Marg Service that captures the essence of the deliberations, and was signed by all the participants and Master. This document symbolises our commitment to serve and will be preserved and followed by all those who seek to serve the Master and Mission in the future.
  • Most importantly, a recommitment to Love and Service. Of Love, Master said, “Love is our chant, it is our activity, and it is our prayer!” Of service, He said, “Our emancipation is only possible through selfless service!”

The following individuals have been appointed to the Global Service Team by Rev. Master:

P.R.KrishnaSpiritual Program Development
Sanjay BhatiaPresident, Lalaji Memorial Educational Society
Santosh SreenivasanSpiritual Training Delivery
Rishabh KothariMember Services
Chak SriprasadContinuous Improvement
Rajendrasinh RathodGlobal Spiritual Support – Indus
Poul M. JuulGlobal Spiritual Support – West
Nitin GovilaGlobal Spiritual Support – East
William WaycottGlobal Spiritual Support – Americas
Sharat HegdeCommunity Building
Sudhir MarwahaGlobal Fixed Asset Support
Santosh KhanjeeGlobal Operations Support
Kamlesh Patel



This team will be responsible for conducting the operations of the Mission and its sister organizations worldwide, under the direct guidance and instructions of Rev. Master. Subsequent changes to the organisation will be announced on Master’s 85th Birthday, on July 24th, 2011 and the Covenant of Sahaj Marg Service will also be shared then. All of us who participated in this unique event rededicate ourselves whole-heartedly and enthusiastically to serve Him in His holy mission and pray that, in doing so, we may secure a permanent place in His heart..