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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.17 Saturday, 11 June 2011

1. LMOIS Students trip to Satkhol with Rev. Master

The much awaited journey of the Omega School students along with their Beloved Master began on May 27th, when Rev Master arrived in Delhi early evening and students from various parts of country assembled at the R K Puram Ashram. There were about 25 girls and 35 boys, who passed their Class XII board examinations (1st batch to pass out from Omega School), to be blessed with Rev Master on this trip to Satkhol.

The next day after breakfast, 28th May, Rev Master left to see the proposed land site for the Delhi Ashram. He really liked the place and found it to be fertile with water and very accessible being very much in the city. Master's grace overflowed all over the place and one felt, the foundation was already laid by Him. After returning, he took his lunch and rested during the afternoon.

Following day was Sunday and Master went to the Gurgaon ashram to conduct Satsang. The hearts of all present abhyasis were illuminated with the divine presence of their Beloved. After Satsang, few melodious bhajans touched the heart of everyone present. In the evening Master went to the R K Puram ashram.

On May 30th, all were ready to move to Muradabad and Master's convoy started at 8am and reached at 11am. The students were travelling in different buses and Master was eagerly waiting for all of them to arrive. He kept on asking in regular interval about their arrival and in the meantime sat in the open area along with the abhyasis assembled. In dialogues with abhyasis, Master explained the difference between Akalmandi and Chalaki. Akalmandi does not have choices and is free from Selfishness (Swarth) whereas in Chalaki there are various choices for us and one has Selfish ends behind it. In akalmandi, we just have one choice and we follow it and do it rightly. After a while all the students arrived and the delight on Rev Master's face was shinning as bright as the sunlight. He asked all to proceed for lunch and take some rest before moving to Rudrapur. Rev. Master left for Rudrapur around 3pm and reached at about 6:45pm.

Next day, Master conducted the morning Satsang. He sat with the students and then later decided to go to the dining area to have lunch together with all the students and other abhyasis. The atmosphere was divine and it was amazing to watch all the students quietly sitting with their food infront of Him. Post lunch, Master continued to spend time with them answering all their questions, guiding them for their future and occasionally narrate small stories. On being asked, "How should one do the mission work", Master replied, "we should not consider any work as our work and differentiate it with mission work". He said He has never thought any work to be small. "Its like a man while shaving never thinks whether he should shave the from left 1st or the right, its natural. He continued saying, we should do what our Heart tells us to do. There are four pull forces pulling us from four different corners, i.e. Family, Society, Religion and Our Desires. We need to cut these forces one by one and then be at the centre following our Heart. On being asked, "How do we develop love for the Master", he replied "Newly married couples start loving each other immediately after marriage, even though they are born to different parents and not knowing each other before marriage, how is it possible. Its natural, they are not taught."

The next day Master conducted Satsang and then left for Satkhol at 10am and reached their in the afternoon. The weather outside was very pleasant and serene and the nature was awaiting for embrace the Divine. In the evening Master sat in the open with the abhyasis and answering their questions. He said, "This is world is not for enjoyment, we have been given the five indriyas or senses to use them to learn, to get information, i.e. to see, to hear, to feel, to taste and to smell. But instead we use them for our pleasure. Just like we go to school to learn something, how will a child be if goes for pleasure and not learning? God has given us intellect to show us the direction and heart to give us the will power to move in the right direction." He continued, "We have come here because we do not have certain qualities which we have come to develop and learn, such as loving, giving, and caring. We are born as human beings, but we behave wrongly and then blame the animals, such as "He is barking like a dog". The animals behave in their natural way, that's the way they are. But we blame them by not behaving properly ourselves."

Rev. Master time and again emphasized on the need for being disciplined. During informal conversations also he said, "There's only one thing in which India is different than the rest of the countries, i.e. it lacks discipline."

The next day Beloved Master conducted the morning Satsang. Later as the day progressed, the sky opened up, the panoramic view of the Himalayas attracted all the beings present there.

The following day, Master solemnized five wedding ceremonies after the morning Satsangh. On arriving early in the meditation hall, he modestly said, "This is my work, which I have to do, so I get impatient and come early to the Meditation Hall". This steered right through our heart, where we don't even feel the need for us to be present early enough to welcome our Beloved Master, on the contrary he has to wait for us. During lunch, Master interacted with abhyasi, laying emphasis on being focused on what we want to achieve. He said, "Even the Vedas are divided into two parts, the Karma Kanda dealing Bhoutik Jeevan and the Jnana Kanda dealing with higher life, but we need to leave the former to accept the latter. Just like in marriage, a girl leaves her own parent's house to go to her in-laws house. He said, a man cannot get into the car if he continues to hold the lamp-post with one hand. We have to leave something to get something. Here also, parents should be natural, ahead of their children, be honest, so that their children can be something and not Have something. Nowadays, parents are always expecting their children to be like their father just because what they have achieved in their life and not because what they are. Master insisted to be simple, in tune with nature, i.e. Getting up early, eating simple food..

The next day Master conducted Satsang and again had to wait abhyasis to come and get seated. He remarked, we all go for movies half an hour early before the show begins, we go to restaurant early but for Satsang, we give the last priority.

In the afternoon, Master left for Rudrapur and on his way he stopped at the Haldwani ashram.

The next day Master conducted the morning Satsang and then started for Muradabad mid-afternoon. He stayed overnite there and the following day again after morning meditation and breakfast, he left for Delhi and reached there by 12:30pm.

Photographs taken during the trip can be viewed at :