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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.38: Thursday, 15 December 2011


  1. Report on Rev. Master's stay in Chennai from 2nd November till 14 December 2011

1. Report on Rev. Master's stay in Chennai from 2nd November till 14 December 2011

Rev. Master arrived in Chennai on the 2nd of November 2011 after a long trip to Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi, Dubai, Ahmedabad, Anand and Baroda. He had been away for more than a month and the abhyasis of Chennai were ecstatic to have Him in their midst again, especially since this was one of the rare occasions when He was not in town to celebrate Diwali. The city had been facing heavy rainfall and He was anxious to see the rising water levels in the Sahaj Canal at Babuji Memorial Ashram. He was visibly concerned about the possibility of floods and, as a precaution, instructed the volunteers to pack books and Audio-Visual material in cartons and move them to higher ground.

By the 6th of November, the weather had improved and there was no longer any threat of a flood in the ashram. After the morning satsangh, Rev. Master formally introduced Brother Kamlesh Patel as his successor to the abhyasis of Chennai. In the evening, He met with abhyasis from Mauritius and gave them all a sitting. In his conversation with them, He said, “One should never assume that he has achieved every thing. Every thing leads to the beginning of the next thing and there is never any real end to this process.” When an abhyasi asked him when He would visit Mauritius, He explained that He is now too old to travel and lovingly said, “Take me along with you. I hope you understand what I mean.”

On the 11th of November 2011, Rev. Master solemnized thirteen weddings after the morning satsangh. During this time, He went on frequent rounds on his golf cart, patiently greeting abhyasis lined up along the way and surveying the campus for any damage caused by the rains. He visited the newly constructed ‘E’ block, which houses the library, an auditorium and several rooms for accommodation of abhyasis. Master expressed his wish to set up a gymnasium in the ground floor of this block. A group of abhyasis from Shahjahanpur came to see Him and were delighted when He gave them all a sitting and offered them samosas and tea. By the next Sunday, the rain had returned for a second spell and Master was disappointed to see that the abhyasi attendance for satsangh was very low. When satsangh ended, he found that the hall had filled up and He jokingly said that there was still some dedication left in the abhyasis!

Rev. Master went to Lalaji Memorial Omega International School on the 7th of December to perform the Bhumi Puja for the construction of a new kindergarten block. He conducted satsangh here with about a hundred people present and spent some time with the teachers and functionaries of the school, sharing snacks and tea with them. Later in the day, a large group of abhyasis from Gujarat had assembled in Dormitory A for an evening with Master. Addressing this gathering, He stressed the importance of dedicated sadhana and the need to maintain the divine connection between the Master and the abhyasi. He encouraged those present to visit ashrams as often as possible and benefit from the unique spiritual atmosphere. Master also said that he now looks forward to and enjoys various regional gatherings at Manapakkam and other large ashrams since there is a greater opportunity for all abhyasis to meet him in such settings.

Master has been moving back and forth from the ashram to his residence during the past few weeks. While at Gayathri, He drove to the beach with about 40 people accompanying him. Though the change of scene was refreshing, He said that such trips often take a toll on his health, his breathing in particular. He has been following his routine tirelessly, answering Emails, observing the proceedings of meetings, giving sittings and meeting abhyasis. Excerpts from his informal conversations at Gayathri are given below:

Quoting Babuji, He said,

"If you want to find a fool, look among the intellectuals."

"All our life, we are tolerating our inability to tolerate this world by creating more inabilities to tolerate this world. So you see, it is toleration after toleration. Like a baby, or even a man, we are falling and adjusting ourselves and it becomes a habit, this toleration. Wealso tolerate the consequences. Life is full of tolerating event after event. The only thing that will happen in the brighter world is to tolerate a constantlack of anything to produce excitement. Think over it."

"Moderation is only the correction of the amplitude in violent swings of behavior, of existence, poor and rich, happiness and sorrow, married and divorced. Will power is most essential for this."

"The biggest joke-at the end of my life, I find that all my life I have been deluding myself. What is that delusion? It is the grand illusion that I thought everybody was fooled, but I was the fool."

"There is a cartoon of a big lion with three females in his pride and two cubs and they are in the cage at the zoo with people all around. So, one cub goes up to the lion and says, “Daddy, why are they all in a cage?” As Babuji Maharaj said, the prisoner is in the prison and so are the wardens. One thinks he is free, the other that he is not. It is only in the mind."

"Like desire becomes greed, domination becomes an obsession. It is always a sine curve. Desire-love, then desire-greed, desire-love, then desire-lust. When it goes below the line, it is bad."

Answering a question on whether domination could be positive, He said, “People like saints, they are dominated. In the spiritual sense, we are dominated by the divine. But if it is in the negative sense, we call it possession. A mother loves or a mother possesses a child."

"When you are not satisfied with yourself, when you cannot be happy with what you are, when you have to put on airs, you are most insecure. If you can walk around the world just the way you are, that is a man who is possessed only by himself. He doesn’t need anybody’s criticism, praise, nothing. You need inner balance, like a gyroscope. This I am. No two faces-one for outside and one for myself. No two manners. No two truths. Like Babuji said, be inside and outside the same. Now this takes a lot of renunciation. You have to renounce name, fame, approbation, everything. Andwhat is the inner realization? I was born alone, and I go alone. All this drama is only in between two parameters."

Some pictures taken during this time can be seen by clicking on the link below :