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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.04 Friday, 11 February 2011

1. Release of new publications:

Rev. Master released the following publications on the auspicious day of Basant Panchami, the birth anniversary of our Grand Master, Pujya Shri Lalaji Maharaj.

1HeartSpeak 2008 (Corpus)Hindi
2HeartSpeak 2008 (Corpus)Gujarathi
3HeartSpeak 2008 (Corpus)Marathi
4HeartSpeak 2008 (Corpus)Kannada
5Truth Eternal (Corpus)Malayalam
6Avar Solvadhu Yathenil - III (Corpus)Tamil
7Complete Works of Ram Chandra (Lalaji) Vol. II (Corpus)Hindi
8Role of the Master in Human EvolutionEnglish(Reprint)
9Wonderful TenSpanish
10Wonderful TenDanish
11Wonderful TenGerman
12Wonderful TenFrench
13Wonderful TenItalian
14Wonderful TenEnglish (Reprint)
15Wonderful TenPortuguese
16Wonderful TenHindi
17DVD Set – Pray for Change (AV Corpus)English

Some photos of Rev. Master releasing these books can be viewed at http://eternal-moments.sahajmarg.org/v/sahajsandesh/2011/feb-satkhol/

2. Whispers from the Brighter World Archive

All messages from the Whispers publications that have been sent daily to online subscribers are now archived according to both the date received by subscribers and the date originally received by the medium. To access the archive please go to