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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.08 Thursday, 24 February 2011

1. Report on Rev. Master’s tour Delhi-Satkhol-Jodhpur

Revered Master arrived in Delhi on the 28th of January after a ten-day stay in Dubai. He conducted two satsanghs on the 29th and then went to the Gurgaon ashram on the 30th of January, where he conducted the Sunday satsangh. After satsangh Master inaugurated the newly installed Dronacharya statue. After lunch he came outside his office and answered questions from abhyasis. On the 1st of February he solemnized two marriages and then left for Rudrapur by road. On the way he stopped for a lovely lunch at the home of an abhyasi in Moradabad. He was touched by their hospitality and, during this time, talked with some local abhyasis. Afterwards he continued his journey to Rudrapur where he spent the next two days. He would usually come out after lunch and talk to abhyasis, answering their questions and giving simple and useful tips about the Sahaj Marg way of living. On the auspicious occasion of Lalaji Maharaj's birthday, Master conducted satsangh both in the morning and evening. There was a small gathering of abhyasis from Rudrapur and nearby centers.

On the 4th of February Master left for Naukuchiatal where he gave a sitting on arrival to the assembled abhyasis. In an informal talk the next day, he spoke about pleasure and pain and how pleasure makes one weak and pain makes one strong. He conducted two satsanghs on the 5th and left for Satkhol on the 6th after conducting a satsangh at 7:30am in Naukuchiatal.

For the next three days, in Satkhol, satsanghs were conducted by Master in the mornings. He sat out in the sun with abhyasis afterwards and answered their questions. He conducted two marriages on the 7th of February after satsangh. The 8th was Basant Panchami day and he distributed prasad to abhyasis assembled outside his cottage. After the satsangh, he attended a seminar on organizational management in the newly inaugurated library. A picnic lunch followed with all the abhyasis outside the cottage.

On the 9th of February Master left for Rudrapur where he gave evening sittings to the assembled abhyasis on the 9th and 10th. On the morning of the 11th Master went to Haldwani center to inaugurate the newly constructed ashram. Around 1200 abhyasis were present. He gave a sitting, followed by a speech for the occasion emphasizing the importance of ashrams. After lunch he returned to Rudrapur.

On the evening of the 12th Master enjoyed a song and flute performance by a group of overseas abhyasis outside his cottage in Rudrapur. The next day he conducted Sunday satsangh and then left for Delhi. On the way he stopped at Moradabad for a lunch that was enjoyed by many abhyasis.

Following are some of the topics Master talked about during the trip:
1. When you work hard, do things from the heart; nobody will dare harm you.
2. Will power is the force between decision making and implementation of that decision, like a synapse in the brain.
3. Will power in action is discipline.
4. Without will power we are like animals.
5. On being asked whether extreme love leads to hate, just as going to the extreme of west leads to the east, Master answered that there is no opposite of love—it is absolute, meaning there is nothing beyond it.
6. Unwillingness to love is different from inability to love.
7. Quoting Babuji, Master said, ‘Worry is misdirected thought.’
8. Happiness is momentary, but joy is a state of being.

"Master reached Jodhpur at 3 pm on the 15th. At sundown, He came out and conducted satsangh.

On the 16th, Master inaugurated the newly constructed ashram and then conducted satsangh. The sitting was by all consensus very good. Later on, commenting on the satsangh, He said that the quality of the sitting depends on the highest spiritually developed person present and that, even if there is just one developed person in attendance then everyone present benefits, emphasizing the importance of attending group satsangh.

On the 17th, Master gave a sitting to the volunteers at 1030am. He left for Delhi on the 2:05 pm flight."

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Speech given by Rev. Master at Haldwani is available at: