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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2011.09 Tuesday, 08 March 2011

1. Report on Rev. Master’s tour Delhi-Chandigarh-Ludhiana-Chandigarh-Delhi : 27 feb – 05 Mar 2011

On 27th of Feburary, Revered Master began his journey for Chandigarh from Delhi by road. He had a brief halt en-route in Karnal, adjacent to Karna Lake. A gathering of more than 100 abhyasis and their children were overjoyed to receive beloved Master on His arrival at Chandigarh. Master inaugurated the house of one abhyasi, and even though he had just arrived after a 6 hour drive, within a brief time he came out to sit with all the abhyasis and conducted satsangh.

On 01st of March, Master came out in the morning and sat with all the abhyasis. The sun was out and at the same time there were a few drops of drizzle here and there, making a perfect atmosphere. In the afternoon, Beloved Master left for Ludhiana. Soon after arrival at Ludhiana, Master conducted satsangh.

On the 02nd of March, Master conducted satsangh at the Ashram site in Ludhiana and laid the foundation stone. He then gave a talk to all the abhyasis expressing his fondness for the land of Punjab and spoke a few words in Punjabi too. He said that for those who do not come to the ashram the word he would use is “Tussi Bewkuf” (You are a Fool) and added “Naal aaja” (Come, Join me).

Master then proceeded back for Chandigarh and reached there by lunchtime. On 03rd of March, Revered Master conducted satsangh at Tagore Theater where abhyasis from all over the zone had gathered. A gathering of more than 600 abhyasis were overjoyed to be with their beloved Master. This was followed by heart warming rendition of a few bhajans for beloved Master. On 04th of March, to the joy of the waiting abhyasis Master sat out in the sun for almost an hour and answered many of their questions. Master came out again in the evening and conducted satsangh. The next day on 05th of March, a large group of abhyasis had gathered to bid good bye with hope in their hearts to receive Beloved Master very soon again as Master after an early breakfast departed for Delhi. Enroute Master had a brief halt in Karnal adjacent to Karna lake where he conducted satsangh before proceeding to Delhi.

Some of the pearls of wisdom that beloved Master shared during the tour are:

  • Abhyasis should introspect as to why the Master visits again and again. What is the purpose?
  • One path is to be given up before we walk on another path. I cannot remain dry and also swim; I cannot stand on earth and also fly. One state of being has to be given up before you can come to another state of being.
  • Praying for others can be accepted but praying for self is begging.
  • Anger arises from unfulfilled desires; this clouds the mind and stops its thinking leading to self destruction.
  • Happiness is the state of mind in which you are independent of the external world.
  • Belief opens the mind and prejudice closes it.
  • We are always in danger because will power has no direction. When an abhyasi stated that Master gives the direction, He replied; No, Cleaning is what gives the direction.
  • You have to choose the right direction and refine yourself in that direction.
  • In accepting a gift there is a fear that I have to return it. This too is ego. Love cannot be returned. You can only love. Love is that which the more you give the more you receive and discipline is to give it to all at all times. Love is a one-way street going out from the heart to infinity.
  • Real marriage is culmination of process of finding its soul mate after several lives.
  • Anything done with love will solve all problems.
  • On being asked as to - How to apply will- subtle or powerful; Master replied that you would know the difference only when you start applying. If will is not strong enough, desire starts overpowering it.
  • Discipline is the one, which balances desire & will.
  • Will is from heart and not from mind.
  • Parents are only for worldly lineage, Guru for spiritual. 
  • Where there is love there is no grief.
  • To show ourselves as to what we are not is hypocrisy.
  • Parents should not impose their ambitions on their children, let them decide.
  • Do not try to change the world, change yourself.

Photographs taken during the tour can be viewed at : http://eternal-moments.sahajmarg.org/v/sahajsandesh/2011/JanFeb2011/punjab0311/