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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2012.16 Saturday, 23 June 2012


  1. Rev. Master's 86th birthday celebrations circular-1

1. Rev. Master's 86th birthday celebrations circular-1

22nd June 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am very happy to inform you all that Rev. Master has been kind enough to permit us to celebrate His 86th Birth Day at Diamond Jubilee Park, Shri Ram Chandra Mission Ashram, Tiruppur (Tamil Nadu) from 23rd July 2012 to 25th July 2012. It will be an international level celebration for abhyasis all over the world. I invite all abhyasis to participate in this celebration and be in the presence of our Beloved Master. All the necessary information for abhyasis is enclosed.


Kamlesh D. Patel

Annexure - 1


Shri Ram Chandra Mission
Diamond Jubilee Park
Off – Dharapuram Road
Tiruppur (TN), India

Celebration Dates

23rd to 25th July 2012


Registration will be open by this Sunday 24th June 2012, and all abhyasis who plan to attend the celebrations are requested to register for the celebration in their respective centers as soon as possible. Abhyasis in India are requested to register in their respective centers.

The last date for registration is 15th July 2012.

Abhyasis from Indian Centers are requested to complete the registration form and submit to the Center-in-Charge.

Overseas abhyasis are requested to register online by clicking on this link: http://www.sahajmarg.org/july-24-celebrations/2012/registration



General accommodation in tents will be available for all participants at the venue.


A list of hotels in Tiruppur is available below in Annexure - 2. Abhyasis are requested to do bookings directly.


A limited independent dormitory accommodation will also be available near the venue for which a separate communication will be issued soon.


The weather in Tiruppur will be quite breezy during the period of the celebration. There may be brief rain showers.



The nearest airport is Coimbatore. The airport is very well connected from all parts of the country and various airlines are flying to this destination. Normally it would take one and a half hours by road to reach the venue from the Coimbatore airport.


The venue is about 12 kilometers from Tiruppur railway station. Tiruppur railway station is located between Erode and Coimbatore junction.


We require a significant number of volunteers to be present at the venue from now onwards. Some volunteers would be required to stay about tendays after the Celebrations for winding up operations, hence volunteers arerequested to plan accordingly.
Volunteers arriving at the venue may report to the volunteer desk or the ashram office. Volunteers from previous celebrations are encouraged to volunteer their services and also encourage other willing abhyasis to participate in volunteer work.
Centers are requested to encourage abhyasis to participate in voluntary work.
The list of volunteers with name of the centre, number of abhyasis (brothers and sisters separately), area of volunteer work, and approximate date of arrival and departure may be sent by email to 24july.helpdesk@srcm.org as this will enable the organizers to plan accordingly.

Travel Advisory

Health Safety

With a measure to avoid health risks, it is advised that the following do not register for the celebration:

  1. Abhyasis of age 75 or above who need special assistance, care and attention.
  2. Abhyasis with health problems who have been advised by their doctors not to travel.
  3. Parents with children below two years of age
  4. Parents with special children who are mentally challenged.
  5. Abhyasis / children (irrespective of age) requiring constant medical care with support from guardians / attendants travelling with them.

This is considered for the safety of such abhyasis by avoiding any health risks because of the climatic conditions in July at Tiruppur and due to limited health care facilities available at the venue.



Shri Ram Chandra Mission
July 2012 Utsav
Rajadhani Building
10, College Road, 1st Cross
Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu - 641602
Phone: +91-421-4348999 Fax: +91-421-2247317


Registration: 24july.registration@srcm.org
Transportation: 24july.transport@srcm.org
Other information: 24july.helpdesk@srcm.org



Annexure - 2

Please see circular 1 for Annexure 2.


July 24,2012 Celebrations - Circular
Registration Form for Abhyasis in India