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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2012.38 Saturday, 13 October 2012


  1. Audio Book of Reality of Dawn

1. Audio Book of Reality of Dawn

It is our great privilege to announce the launch of Audio-Book of "Reality at Dawn" (by Babuji Maharaj) in various languages, during Diwali time (November, 2012). We have already completed the Chinese Version of the Audio Book and the MP3 CD which was recently released at Manapakkam, Chennai, coinciding with the visit of Abhyasis from China.

We intend releasing the Telugu and Hindi Versions of the Audio Book by Diwali time. Work is going on in other languages as well. We expect a very good demand and we would like to ensure that we are able to make enough copies of MP3 CDs available. This is to ensure that all abhyasis are able to buy and benefit from these Audio Books.

With the changing times, the need for such Audio Books has become more relevant. Travel and wait time can now be productively used by Abhyasis to listen to the messages of the Masters being read out to them, in a language of their choice.

We are commencing pre-bookings for these Audio CDs - to start with – for English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Chinese. Abhyasis are requested to just register their Names, Centre Name, Abhyasi ID # and Number of copies needed at their respective centers. There is no need to pay any pre-booking fee at this moment. Each CD is being priced at rupees two hundred.

It is our sincere request that all abhyasis benefit from these special Audio MP3 editions of "Reality at Dawn".

Most affectionately,