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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2012.6 Sunday, 11 March 2012


  1. Importance of reading Whispers from the Brighter World

1. Importance of reading Whispers from the Brighter World

The Whispers from the Brighter World provides a compilation of messages intercommunicated by Rev. Babuji Maharaj, Rev. Lalaji Maharaj, and other spiritually elevated souls, intuitively received and recorded by a sister devotee, and relayed to Rev. Master.

Rev. Master has time and again stressed on the importance of reading Whispers. An extract from his talk on 18 November 2009 at Bhubaneswar is reproduced here-

"So, to my thinking, our Babuji’s messages in Whispers…. they belong to the category of shruti, because, nobody went and thought about them, wrote them or typed them on a typewriter or whatever. They came, they were received and they were written. Like in Babuji’s one book, he says he “got it directly from above.” So these are worthy of the greatest attention. Some of them may appear not to have any particular message, but don’t ignore it because of that, because whatever is the message in it, you will understand after you read it many times."

In his message on Rev. Lalaji Maharaj's Birth Anniversary at Satkhol on 2nd February 2009, Rev. Master mentioned the following -

"So I would take this opportunity of imploring you all to read these messages again and again. Read it with, you know, an open heart so that the meaning goes into you direct into the heart without going through the brain. We have to bypass the brain if you are going to be a spiritual person seriously interested in your evolution. Anything that you subject to your brain for evaluation will only doom you to further slavery. I hope you will take this last warning of mine to heart — put away your head completely. Read with your heart. "No, no, how can I read with my heart?" Try it and you will be amazed at what the heart can find, which your brain never told you exists."

Therefore let us prepare ourselves to receive the next edition titled "The Whispers from the Brighter World - A Fourth Revelation" by going through the following talks given by Rev. Master and ruminating on them. The Audio of these talks as well as their transcripts can be accessed by clicking on the following links-