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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2006.34 – Thursday, May 4, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

April 28, 2006 – May 1, 2006
Report by brother Chuphal Bhupendra (Bangalore)

Rev. Master arrived at Satkhol on 28th April at 12:45 PM. The weather at Satkhol was a very pleasant change for all of us, after traveling through the hot summer of the north Indian plains. Immediately after lunch Master sat outside the cottage with about 50 abhyasis accompanying Him. After giving the resident dogs, Jack and Jill their bread, Master briefed everyone about the rules and regulations of the Ashram. Jack and Jill are two resident dogs at Satkhol are as old as the ashram.  They come out searching for Master the moment he steps out of His cottage and go depart only after getting their bread and after being lovingly stroked by Master.  Master would toss the bread pieces up, which Jack and Jill catch in mid-air. We all watched this show delightfully at the start of almost every session outside the cottage.
On 29th, Master conducted the morning satsangh at 9 AM. The sitting was so gripping that, for quite some tim, no one sat up after the meditation was over. Master commented that even those who generally leave immediately after the satsangh for other work also did not leave after the sitting. Master said that if Sahaj Marg was a magnet, its two poles are Manapakkam and Satkhol. While walking out from the mediation hall Master introduced an 84-year-old lady who daily walks from a far off distance in the hills to attend the satsangh and specifically addressing overseas abhyasis, said “health is perseverance, ability and will power and not exuberance”.
Master sat in the open and looked at a Ashram proposal from overseas abhyasis. Master said that He will look at the property in His forthcoming tour and suggested ‘RITIRO’ (Retreat) as the name of the ashram. Master sat out for about 1.5 hours and answered many questions from abhyasis. Master rested in the afternoon as abhyasis from nearby centers of Uttaranchal state, started pouring in for the 30th April celebration. Kudos to the hard work of volunteers, the arrangements at such remote place for food and accommodation were second to none.
On 30th April, Master made ‘prasad’ early in the morning. Master conducted the meditation at 9 AM. Master then delivered the 30th April message. Text of the message is available at http://www.srcm.org/members/ssandesh/index.jsp . Master solemnized three marriages and released two books and ate lunch with about 600 abhyasis, who had gathered to celebrate the occasion. Master was outside with the abhyasis again at 6 PM and touched upon feelings vs. emotions, friendship vs. brotherhood, needs vs. wants through examples from His interactions with Babuji.
Master said that one of the most important factors to His own success is that He never differentiated between the spiritual life and material life. On material and spiritual, both aspects, He worked through feelings and not emotions. True Love removes all emotions and only feelings remain. Think of others and not of yourself, you can never be wrong. Selfishness breeds fear.
Later in the night at 8:30 PM IST, Master relayed a live message through phone to about 1,600 abhyasis who had assembled to attend satsangh the seminar in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
On 1st May, Master left Satkhol at 6:15 AM. Masters entrourage arrived at Nainital 9:30 AM, driving through the picturesque route of Uttaranchal Himalayas . After breakfast at Nainital, we started climbing down into the plains of north India through scenic views of mountains, lakes, reserved forest and wildlife park. We reached Kashipur at around 12 noon. Master conducted satsangh immediately after reaching at the farmhouse of a local abhyasi. After a hearty lunch, we started for Moradabad, where Master stayed overnight before leaving for Delhi. At Moradabad, Master was tired and exhausted. He sat out couple of times in the open but most of the times He was silent, looking into infinity. For us to sit around Him in this silence were the most precious and melting moments.
Master left Moradabad for Delhi at 8 AM on 2nd May and arrived in Delhi at 12:30 PM. Master will leave for Pune on 3rd May and will then continue on to Dubai this weekend.

May (24th) 25th – 28th
Report by the seminar organization team

We urge everybody to sign up for the International Seminar in Denmark as soon as possible. We strongly encourage abhyasis especially from Europe and the US to join the seminar and use this exceptional opportunity to be in the presence of our beloved Master, who in his immense love for us all travels all the way from India to be together with us! Please register now on the following link: http://www.srcm.info/registration2/registration.jsp. It is also possible to access registration at http://www.srcm.org under the “Upcoming
Events” section.

July 23rd to 25th, 2006
Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Web Based Registration

Web-based pre-registration for the Rev. Master's 79th Birth Anniversary Celebrations to be held in Raipur on July 23rd, 24th and 25th is open now. The web-registration application is available at http://www.srcm.org/regindia/index.jsp. The circular and the annexures to the circular are available at http://www.srcm.org/members/24july2006/index.jsp. Centres with access to the Internet are urged to submit delegate registrations through the web registration application, take a printout of the confirmation page of the web registration and send it along the delegate donation to Raipur.

The process of pre-registration is as follows:

  1. Register for a user id on the web site. Only authenticated users will be allowed access to the web-registration application. Once your user id is authenticated, you will be able to register through the web. Instructions on using the application are available on the web site itself. Users who applied for a user id while registering for the Lucknow April 2006 celebrations are considered as authenticated users and can directly log in and register through the web.
  2. Indian delegates are requested to register through their respective centres preferably, as larger centres will be sent Utsav Delegate cards in advance of their arrival in Raipur. Web registration can be done in batches by all centres. Larger centres are requested to submit a batch of registration once in two weeks and send the consolidated delegate donation for each batch by demand draft to Raipur.
  3. Delegate donation for Indian delegates is Rs. 300/-. No suggested delegate donation is applicable to Overseas delegates - voluntary donations may be given.
  4. Please contact 24july2006@srcm.org for any clarification regarding the celebrations.
  5. Note that all delegates who had sent their delegate donation to Lucknow directly or through their respective centre, are automatically registered for the celebrations at Raipur. Authenticated users to the web registration application may view the registrations from their centre online to get the confirmed list of delegates from their centre.