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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.35 - Monday, May 8, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

Rev. Master has removed all restrictions on abhyasis to visit the ashram in Shahjahanpur, U.P., India.  Abhyasis who wish to visit the ashram may do so by informing the ashram management at shahjahanpur@srcm.org.

Abhyasis from Milan -Italy

A few months ago we had the blessing to be asked to look for a place that could be the “Gate of Europe” for our beloved Master.  With our hearts full of joy and gratitude for this incredible opportunity Master had given to us, we started the search of that place that will eventually become Master’s House.  It was like traveling around India with Him, all the cars behind His car following Him on the “way” to His House.
The property we found is in Vaprio D’Agogna, 20 minutes away from Milan Malpensa Airport. It is a house of about 450 sm and it has just been renovated, there are 4000 sm of land around and a beautiful view of the Mountains (the Alpes). The arch of what seemed to us a perfect meditation hall, reminded us of Vrads Sande Ashram. Different groups of abyasis from Europe and India went to see the place, and every time the atmosphere was very subtle and full of joy as we all could see in each other eyes the light of Master and all our hearts and minds were as one. We all felt it is a very good place for Master’s House.
Recently, in Satkhol we had the chance to share the project with Master, to show Him the video of the property and the map of the house. Master seemed to like the project very much and He named it “Ritiro”, an italian word that means “Retreat”. We presented it in front of all abhyasis from all over the world that had the blessing to be in Satkhol with Him. We all felt we are part of the project itself: it is Master gift to all of us!
We are now waiting Master to visit the property and to give His final approval. In the meanwhile we felt to share it with all abhyasis around the world as it is a blessing that Master is offering to all humanity. It is a place that belongs to all those who are willing the make their Hearts Master’s House.
We hope to be able to announce the final acquisition of the property very soon and we ask you to spread the voice in all your centres. We feel it is time to make His will of a real brotherhood come true.