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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.40 - Monday, May 22, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:
May 19, 2006
Report by sister Kimm Jayne, USA

Master gave a morning satsangh in beautiful weather conditions.  He declared there would be a picnic and that all were to go get supplies and come back to Brother Guy's home about 11:30 am.  We had understood him to mean that he would come out and join us there.  To our surprise, about 12:15 pm there was a mad dash for cars as it was announced that we would go picnic at Combe Laval in Le Vercors, about 30 kilometers away.

As in a treasure hunt, many took off toward the site of the picnic without really knowing where it was, trusting that somehow we would all arrive there safely with Master as our magnet. There was a great show of brotherhood as people piled into cars with new and old friends, making sure no one was left behind.  

The road that climbs to Combe Laval offers a spectacular view of the valleys and orchards below, and alpine vistas above.  Much of the road is carved into the limestone bluffs, with steep vertical faces on one side and sheer drops of hundreds of feet on the other side (see picture).  Our French passengers assured us that the road was indeed two-way, though the backseat drivers from America could scarcely believe it and squealed for caution at every hairpin turn.  The road took us through several narrow tunnels carved into the solid rock of the mountain, and a different majestic scene greeted us each time we emerged.

We stopped at a chalet restaurant with large parking lot for our picnic and set up a table and chairs for Master, and went and got espressos and cappucinos for ourselves.  Master arrived and sat facing the valley and mountains.  Abhyasis ate sandwiches and fresh cherries, basking in the presence of Master and the pristine beauty of the place.

In the evening it turned chilly again so everyone was called inside the host's home for satsangh.  New abhyasis were asked to come first so they could see Master.  After a very deep satsangh many people took their leave in preparation for the trip to Vrads Sande in Denmark tomorrow.  All were grateful to Master for a week of deep learning and new understanding, taught not so much through words but through interactions with others and observation of Master's love and understanding in all situations.

May 22, 2006
Report by sister Leanna Barlow, USA

Master arrived just after noon today at the ashram in Vrads Sande, Denmark. A joyous crowd of devoted abhyasis waited anxiously for his arrival. Master was in good health and spirits as he greeted abhyasis, joking with the crowd and welcoming all to the upcoming gathering. The sun broke through the clouds as he chatted with the crowd from the second story window of his beautiful, newly renovated cottage. Brother Ajay Bhatter conducted the evening satsangh in the ashram meditation hall. After dinner, Master again spoke to the crowd from his upstairs window, laughing and answering questions. Master is looking forward to the arrival of many more abhyasis in the coming days. Abhyasis who have not yet registered for the seminar are welcome to arrive directly at the ashram and register in person at the registration desk.