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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.42 - Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:
May 29, 2006
Report by sister Judith Nelson, Scotland

The International Seminar at Vrads Sande Ashram in Denmark has now officially ended, but our Beloved Master is still with us, making this a particularly special time for the abhyasis here in Europe.
It has been a truly international seminar, with around 1700 abhyasis attending from a total of 34 countries around the world. Many have traveled thousands of miles to be with Master from countries including Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Guadalupe, India, Australia, Dubai, Canada, the U.S., Nigeria, Madagascar and the Ivory Coast.
With so many brothers and sisters meeting from such a diverse range of backgrounds and nationalities, it has helped us to focus on Master’s theme for this seminar which he put in the  question “How different are human beings – if at all?”
He has helped us to see that, when our focus turns towards Him, all our perceived differences melt away and we can unite as one large family which he can lead towards our common goal.
The weather in Denmark has continued to be unseasonably cold and wet with many torrential downpours reminding us to focus on Master in our hearts, find warmth from within us and not be distracted by external matters. Someone pointed out that Grace can fall as rain and as such we have been positively deluged with grace since Master’s arrival!
Master has given all the morning satsanghs during the seminar. He continues to meet with as many abhyasis as possible and has made several new preceptors over the past few days. On Sunday afternoon, accompanied by around 100 abhyasis, He climbed aboard a local steam train to take a journey through the Danish countryside. The fortunate members of his company enjoyed the trip thoroughly and were even blessed by a particularly heavy downpour of their own as they walked through the woods to the station.
This evening  (Monday) there was an impromptu football match beside the lakes, which the small number of abhyasis brothers and a sister who remained at the ashram enjoyed, particularly when the ball fell in the lake, quickly followed by a brother who accidentally fell in, emerging soaked from head to toe.
This seminar has been a wonderful opportunity to experience a rare quality in the western world - that of ‘real brotherhood’ with our Beloved Master as our goal and example.
On Wednesday May 31, Master plans to continue His tour through Europe, leaving for Germany in the morning.  Master will continue on to visit the Czech Republic and Austria after His brief halt in Germany.  Our gratitude to Him for His presence here continues as we go our different ways and many thanks go to our brothers and sisters in the Danish group who have worked so hard to make this possible.