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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.45 - Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:
Report by Madhuri Krishna, Bhargav Krishna, Pavithra Bhaskaran & Sugandha Pancholi, India

Vrads Sande Ashram (Denmark) to Berlin (Germany)
May 31, 2006

With the sun shining on Vrads after cloudy and rainy days during the seminar, started a convoy of 18 cars including Master’s, heading from Vrads Sande Ashram (Denmark) to Berlin (Germany), after breakfast at 7.55am. With a break of 30 minutes in a drive that lasted 6hrs, we reached Berlin at 2.10pm with a warm welcome from local abhyasis at the Hotel. Satsangh was then conducted by master in his suite, with all the local abhyasis attending. All then dispersed for an afternoon siesta. Dinner for the outstation abhyasis was arranged at the Berlin meditation centre after which everybody retired for the night.

1st June 2006
Berlin (Germany)

Master arrived at the hall rented for Satsangh and found that the elevator wasn’t functioning. On hearing the apology from brother Christian Macketanz, the Regional Coordinator for Germanic countries, Master replied (with a trademark smile on his face), “Don’t worry, it is Babuji’s wish that I have to see our centre”. Master then proceeded to the Meditation Centre where on hearing the abhyasis’ delight at his being in berlin, he decided to say a few words. He said, “I am not here in Berlin, I am with my sisters and brothers and I am happy to be with you all. I emphasize this because we are all separated by geography, by history, by colour, by language and religion. We must forget these things and comeback to what we essentially are, HUMAN BEINGS. That’s why I want to say that it doesn’t matter to me whether it is Berlin or Timbuktu or Tokyo, as long as I am with my family. Thank you for having me here”.  After a beautiful satsangh all of us were in a blissful atmosphere.
After Satsangh, Master had expressed his desire to see some of Berlin’s famous tourist attractions including Checkpoint Charlie, The Brandenburg Gate, etc. A convoy of about 10 cars followed Master in his car ride around Berlin.
Following the drive around Berlin, many abhyasis, along with Master, reached the house of brother Christian for lunch. Just after finishing his lunch, while he was still at the table, Master, like he always does, threw few pearls. Speaking about the souls of the abhyasi children he said, “All these children are the souls of the abhyasis who did not quite make the grade, and have been sent back to us”. When one abhyasi asked, “from thousands of years?”, Master replied, “ no no not thousand of years, last 50 years 60 years. These are all from Lalaji’s time and some from you know Ramakrishna Paramahamsa”. Looking at a child next to him in the lap of one brother he said, “which one were you?”, and to the father of the baby, “…its not difficult to find out but its not necessary”. Looking at a young boy from France sitting straight in front of him he said that he was one from Babuji’s time. And continued to say, “…improved model”.
Master conducted Satsangh at 6pm at Bro. Christian’s house with all the abhyasis present. After satsangh, the Berlin Abhyasi choir performed 2 songs after which Master started singing in the tune of the last song, while at the same time suggesting to the Berlin abhyasis, “ we want an ashram here in Berlin…. and He wants it right now…. if possible before He goes…. Nothing is impossible for Him”.
Master then introduced his Grandson Bhargav to the Berlin abhyasis and when the Regional Coordinator mentioned him as His Graaa….nd Son (his hand rising up, symbolically describing his height), Master said, “It is the proof of evolution that each generation is... (moving his hand up and up)”, Toomie continued where master left off saying, “...2 inches taller”, referring to the fact that he was 2 inches taller than his father and so forth. The atmosphere was filled with joy and His grace. Indian Food was arranged for all the Abhyasis later that night and it was a respite for all those who were from India and were on tour with Master for the past month.

2nd June 2006
Berlin to Dresden (Germany)

After breakfast, Master was about to get in his car to leave to Dresden all the local abhyasis where present to bid bye with an inner cry and full of love. Master visited the proposed Berlin ashram site. It was a big hall of 300 sq metres. He really liked the place and approved the site for the new ashram and continued to say that the place had a lovely atmosphere. He stayed there for almost an hour and then all of us left to Dresden.
Everyone including Master reached the Hotel in Dresden at about 12.30pm and had lunch together. After which Master rested for a while and went for city look at about 4pm. During a tour of the Frauenkirche Church in Dresden, Rev. Master narrated a summary of World War II ‘s devastating impact and loss of life during the allied raids on Dresden. Later in the evening, all attended the a dinner in the hotel located along the Elbe River. Then all the abhyasis had special dinner together with Master followed by a very special time with Him along the backs of the river.
3rd June 2006
Dresden (Germany) to Prague (Czech Republic)

At 9.30am after breakfast, Master and the convoy of 18 cars left to Prague with warm hearts to attend the seminar with the Eastern European abhyasis.


2006_45_Berlin 1 June 06

2006_45_Prague2 4 June 06

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2006_45_Prague 4 June 06