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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.48 - Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:
Report by brother V. K. Somakumar – Chennai, India

Rev. Master will inaugurate the newly built Administration Block and Learning Centre in the Lalaji Memorial Omega School on Sunday, 18th June 2006. You are invited to participate in this function. Details of the programme will be decided by Master after His arrival in Chennai on Friday, 16th June, and will be communicated to you later.

Report by brother Padu Nellayappan – Chennai, India

There are a lot of requests to move book corpus memberships from India to another country when abhyasis move for a job or other reasons. Kindly note the following guidelines and policy in this regard.

As you can appreciate there is a cost differential due to the significantly high shipping costs.  Hence transfer of memberships is not permitted when abhyasis move from India to another country. In such situations we request you to kindly consider one of these options:
  1. If possible, just getting another corpus membership in the country where you move to (perhaps giving the corpus membership in India to parents / a relative / friend) , or
  2. Continuing with the corpus membership taken in India and picking up your books in India at the centre you used to receive them before.

We receive many many requests regarding such transfers our small volunteer team will find it very difficult to manage any other option.