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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.64 – Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

Report by brother S. Prakash, Ashram Maintenance Manager, Manapakkam, Chennai, India
Sunday, 10th September '2006

It was almost a week since we all had heard about the health challenges Master had faced while He was at Trichy. Day in and day out reports were pouring in through Sahaj Sandesh, Phone calls and SMS's. It was heartening to note that Master was making rapid progress and we were all eagerly waiting to see Him at Chennai soon.

Till Sunday morning (10th September '2006), Master's plans were still not clearly known back at Chennai. On Sunday morning message was received from Trichy that Master would be reaching Chennai by the afternoon by Indian Airlines IC 996 (delayed arrival by 3 hours and hence the final landing was at 15.30 Hrs.). He had in fact expressed His interest to see abhyasis from Chennai (and some nearby centres who had assembled at Manappakkam right from morning). Abhyasis were extremely happy when it was announced that Master had agreed to see them at the airport as compared to the earlier news that airport visit by abhyasis was not to be allowed.

Considering the crowd and security issues at the International Terminal (where Master's flight was set to land), special arrangements had been made to receive Him through a VIP route in the Domestic Cargo section of the airport (approx. 2 Kms. from the International Terminal). Abhyasis had lined up at the route right from 13.30 Hrs. and at 15.30 Hrs. a quick head count would have shown that there were more than 1,500 abhyasis at the airport lining a distance of close to 3/4th of a Km. Though the abhyasis were very keen on seeing our Beloved Master, the discipline exhibited by them was also exemplary. People voluntarily lined up along one side of the road and there were hardly 20 volunteers regulating the crowd. The airport cargo section security officials were pleasantly surprised to find that such a massive crowd was keeping so silent and so patiently waiting for their Masterji to arrive. They were so impressed they were enquiring about our system and how people are so disciplined etc.

Master's flight landed by around 15.30 Hrs. and He was helped from the Tarmac in a special vehicle right up to the exit point of the Cargo section where He changed to a car. Then the car, with Master, drove very slowly through the crowd of abhyasis. It was really a sight to behold and to put it aptly it was "A Sea of Love". Master appeared to be in very good spirits and was very very pleased to see His children waiting for Him so patiently. He stopped the car at so many places and exchanged words and greetings with those lined up on the road side for Him. There were tears of joy in the eyes of many abhyasis, seeing their Beloved Master back at home, hale and healthy.

Slowly His car left the cargo section and turned into the highway and onto his residence "Gayathri". We are all praying for His quick recuperation and are sure that our brothers and sisters all around the globe will be joining us in this one single thought and prayer.