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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.71 – Monday, September 25, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

Report by brother Santosh Sreenivasan, Bangalore, India

The Mission's Digital Archives department has embarked on a project to consolidate in one  place, all photos/pictures that abhyasi brothers and sisters across the world may be having, for future preservation. These photos could be pictures of Rev. Master or interesting pictures taken by you during SRCM seminars or travels with Rev. Master. You may also submit pictures of Mission's ashrams or activities that highlight Mission's participation.

Registered users will be able to browse the photographs which have been approved for viewing by the Publications Department, as well as the photographs which they have uploaded.  

Abhyasis are requested not to use any external sites or tools to share photographs of Rev. Master or SRCM ashrams/events. For any clarifications regarding this tool or process, please contact eternal.moments@sahajmarg.info .
Tutorial Help on how to use this tool is available here http://srcm.info/gallery2/tutorial.html .

Here are some suggested guidelines to follow before you upload your photos to this site:

You can submit only those pictures that were taken by  you.  

  1. Pictures have to be in high resolution digital format  (JPG/PNG). As these pictures could be used for publishing, we can only accept  pictures having a resolution of about 3 Megapixel (2048 x 1536 Pixels) or  above.  
  2. We also accept 'Raw' format which is typically  available on professional/semi-professional digital cameras.  
  3. Please provide as much description of the photo as  possible. For example, the date and place where it was taken, any particular  information that could make the picture unique, any anecdote related to the  picture etc. All this information will enable us to publish the picture on  this website as well as in any of Mission's publications.  
  4. Please note that all pictures uploaded by you are not  automatically shared with general public. However, we will attempt to share  the interesting pictures after due review and approval process. Pictures which  have additional information are more likely to be selected for  sharing.
  5. If you have hard copies of photographs that you feel  should be preserved for future, please scan them in high resolution (300 dpi)  and upload the scanned digital image.  
  6. Do remember that by registering to this site and  uploading photos, you transfer copyright of the pictures as described in the  Terms of Service. http://srcm.info/gallery2/terms.html

COPYRIGHT POLICY:  Any photograph, audio or video recording made at SRCM venue is the copyright of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. The material may only be used for personal use and may not be reproduced or transmitted to third parties without the express written approval of the Mission and all recordings will be surrendered to the Mission at its request.

From Friday 16th to Sunday 18th March 2007
Report by sister Anne-Marie van Steven, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

We would like to invite you to the Benelux seminar taking place in the Netherlands, March 2007.  The seminar invitation letter and the registration form are available on the Mission's web site at
Seminars & Gatherings .

  • The hostel Stayokay Egmond is situated next to the dunes,  close to the beach.  
  • The rooms offer wonderfull panoramas of the dunes and  the vast meadows.
  • The accomodation is perfect for families with  children.

If we have more than 100 participants by the first of December we have the possibility to rent the hostel for our own use, therefore the deadline is December first, onwards an additional fee of 5,00 euros will be charged. We will come back to you later with further information and program.  

Co-ordinators' email contact details: Ruud Brouwer - dealcompany@gmail.com

Looking forward to welcome you all in Egmond aan Zee.