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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.85 - Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

SMSF Essay Writing Competition for the year 2007


We are extremely happy to announce that a Special Essay Competition will be held for abhyasis and their children all over the world in commemoration of the 81st Birthday of our Beloved Master Pujyashri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachariji, next year.


There will be two categories – the Seniors and the Juniors.


For the Senior group, (age 18 – 30) the topic will be -  "The purpose of human life?"


For the Junior group, (age 12 – 17) the topic will be -  "What is a Guru for?"


The International category will be adjudged separately from the Indian competition.


This essay competition will be restricted to abhyasis and their children, and in English language only.

No schools are to be approached for writing essays for the year 2007.


Prizes will be separate for the two categories.


Rev. Master has been magnanimous in granting prizes, which we are sure will motivate every entrant to participate whole-heartedly and seriously in the essay writing.


The prizes will be as follows:


1st Prize -      Junior group:  The President's Gold Cup, and a week's holiday in Satkhol with the parents.

Senior group:  The President's Gold Cup, and a week's holiday in Satkhol with spouse (no children).


Participants will have to pay for all travel by themselves.


2nd Prize -     The President's Silver Cup, for both categories.


3rd prize  -     The President’s Bronze Cup, for both categories.


Certificates of participation will be issued to all those who submit essays accepted for the competition.


The last date for submission will be:


  • International submissions - to reach Chennai on or before the 31st March 2007.
  • Submissions from within India to reach Chennai on or before the 28th February 2007.


Submissions in electronic form will not be entertained.


Those entries arriving after these submission deadlines WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS COMPETITION.


This is a “Golden” opportunity for the abhyasis to think about the “Purpose of life” and about “What is a guru for” and participate in this Essay writing.


All ZIC’s should circulate this information in their zones in India and all country heads should do the needful in all the other countries of the world. The Essay competition should be conducted on any Sunday at the centre under the supervision of the local functionary. The essays should be collected by the functionaries and sent to the address given below.


All essays should be sent with the attached Biodata sheet on or before the deadline date specified above to:


The Director (Implementation)

Sahaj Marg Research & Training Institute

Babuji Memorial Ashram

Manapakkam, Chennai 600 116


SMSF Essay BioData Sheet (.pdf)