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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2006.94 - Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dear Sister / Brother:

A report by Br. S. Prakash, Camp CREST, Bangalore
Report submitted on Christmas Eve (24th December '2006)

Rev. Master had kindly consented to a request made on behalf of the CREST participants that they would recite a few Carols in His presence coinciding with Christmas Eve. There was a festive mood all over the place and the non-singing singers (as they were introduced by Br. A. P. Durai - who also donned the role of being the organiser cum compere for the program) were practising long hours to get their singing act together.
The place had been decorated, candles had been lit up, a Christmas Tree with artificial snow erected and overall the place was full of love and joy. The time was 6.15 pm. and the day was Sunday, 24th December '2006 - Christmas Eve. Rev. Master was given a warm reception with "candle lights" being held by the carol singers on His way from His cottage to the Satsangh hall where the event was took place.
For close to 45 minutes the brothers and sisters who made up the "Carol Singing Group" put up a great show, reciting song after song in various languages (English, Spanish, German, Bavarian etc.). Rev. Master fully enjoyed the show. There was a festive mood prevailing with all those around sporadically participating in the singing as well.
Rev. Master then cut the "Christmas Cake" and took photos with the Carol Singers. He was extremely happy and as He was leaving the hall remarked "This is my first Christmas Celebration since 1949 - after 57 Years".
It was a great moment for all those present and those who read this newsletter will be able to share in our joy through these photos which will convey a thousand words more.