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Dear Sister / Brother:

A report by Br. S. Prakash, Camp at CREST
28th December 2006

Rev. Master inaugurated the newly installed bell at CREST on the 24th Dec '2006 by pulling the string attached to the bell. The sound so nicely reverberated across the entire campus. From that day onwards the Delegates were to be woken up in the morning and reminded about the satsangh, meals and class room timings with the use of the new bell.
On Monday, the 25th of December '2006 - Christmas day - the delegates were hosted to a tea party by Rev. Master at His Sharjapur home, in the evening. Rev. Master spent close to 2 hours with the delegates, speaking with us and sharing lots of memorable moments including some very interesting conversations about re-incarnation etc.
Rev. Master solemnised 5 weddings on Wednesday, the 27th of December '2006 at CREST after the Satsangh which He conducted early in the morning. The whole day was a carnival atmosphere with the newly wedded couples happily going around in CREST along with their family members and a host of abhyasi brothers and sisters who had come to attend the weddings.
After the concluding lecture on 28th December '2006 evening, Rev. Master gave His Valedictory speech to the 2nd batch of CREST delegates. The emphasis was on understanding the Sahaj Marg Communication process and He specifically said (relating to the messages and communication from the Masters of Sahaj Marg) "These have to be Heard, Listened to and Acted upon. If you don't act upon them then it is like being in Hell. If you act upon them, then it is heavens. There is no other hell or heaven that exists". It was followed by a Satsangh conducted by Rev. Master.
After a very interesting, invigorating and knowledge gaining stay for close to 2 weeks it is now time for us to go back home, to live and spread the message of Sahaj Marg with our consciousness having been expanded to include newer and wider horizons. Earlier, on 27th December '2006, Rev. Master happily agreed to take a group photo with the delegates and faculties. It was like graduation day for all of us.
Rev. Master is set to leave for Chennai on the morning of 29th December '2006, where He is set to be with abhyasis during the eve and the dawn of the New Year 2007.