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Sahaj Sandesh No.: 2007.5 - Saturday, 13 January 2007

Dear Sister / Brother:

Report by Br. S. Prakash, Ashram Maintenance Manager, Babuji Memorial Ashram, Shri Ram  Chandra Mission, Manapakkam, Chennai, India

Under Rev. Master's guiding hand, the Free Medical Centre at Manapakkam  has been growing rapidly. For quite some time now, we have started catering to  the basic medical needs of the nearby villagers as well.

To meet our ever expanding staff requirements, we need immediately:

  • A qualified Allopathic Medical Practitioner, preferably M.D. in General  Medicine, to work as Part time / Full Time at the Free Medical Center at  Babuji Memorial Ashram, either on a  honorary or on a paid  basis.
  • Qualified Nursing Staffs, Pharmacists & Auxiliary Nursing  Midwife on paid basis.

Those who are qualified and are interested in offering their services to  the Mission are requested to send in their Resume with complete contact  details to Dr. U. Ravindran, Free Medical Center, Babuji  Memorial  Ashram, Manapakkam, Chennai - 6000 116. The details can also be sent via email  to Dr. U. Ravindran who is reachable at ravisrcm@sify.com.