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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2008.3 – Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dear Sister / Brother: 

Contents of this newsletter:

  1. Rev. Master’s 81st Birth Anniversary Celebrations at Lucknow, UP, India
  2. Report on Rev. Master’s stay in Manapakkam
  3. SRCM India Newsletter


1) Rev. Master’s 81st Birth Anniversary Celebrations at Lucknow, UP, India
July 23, 24 & 25, 2008

The circular for this celebration, forms & information are now available at the Mission’s website at:

The circular may be directly accessed at the following link:

Note that paper copies of the circular will be sent by post to all prefects in India shortly.

Excerpt from Circular:

The most important occasion in an abhyasi’s life is the celebration of one’s Master’s birthday. We are blessed to commemorate this joyous occasion once again at the city of Lucknow where we shall all gather to celebrate the auspicious occasion of our Rev. Master’s 81st Birth Anniversary and be blessed to be in His Divine & physical realm.

The Celebrations Committee on behalf of all the abhyasis world-wide thank our beloved Master for granting us this wonderful opportunity to bask in his divine presence and hope that a large number amongst us will participate in this Utsav.

In Master’s own words, “Such gatherings must reflect human fervour in working towards the achievement of one's chosen goal, in our case that of mergence with the great Master” and we hope that all of us will realize the need and the urgency of our spiritual endeavor and work for it. A Master’s life serves as a reminder to all of us about the immense possibility that human endeavor can achieve and an occasion like this Utsav is not only a celebration of joy and happiness but also an opportunity to reflect upon and renew our commitment to ourselves.

Please find enclosed the first Circular containing various organizational details of this celebration which is being held under the auspices of Shri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM) and Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF). All abhyasi sisters and brothers are invited to attend this grand celebration partake of His love and grace.

Yours affectionately,
Members of the Celebrations Committee

2) Report on Rev. Master’s stay in Manapakkam
Report submitted by S. Prakash,
Ashram Maintenance Manager, Manapakkam on 19th January 2008

6th January '2008 - Sunday - Rev. Master conducted the morning Satsangh. After the Satsangh He distributed certificates to the scholars of the 6th International Scholarship Program, which came to an end officially on this day.

12th January '2008 - Saturday - Rev. Master had a luncheon with abhyasis from North Karnataka this day. There were close to 75 abhyasis who were treated to lunch in His Cottage and were able to spend about 45 minutes with Him. He was reminiscing about His visits to Northern Karnataka area and took many of the abhyasis by surprise when He specifically quoted the names of abhaysis and places where He met them etc. Rev. Master's memory is just amazing. Rev. Master took group photos with them just before they took leave of Him.

13th January '2008 - Sunday - Lots of abhyasis started arriving to be with Him during the Pongal celebrations. Rev. Master conducted the morning Satsangh after which He released 2 Audio CDs. One CD contains the speeches He gave during the year 1988 and the other one contains the speeches He gave during the year 2005.

15th January '2008 - Tuesday - Pongal Day - Rev. Master conducted the morning satsangh, with over 4,000 abhyasis present. In the evening there was a flute recital by Br. Shashank which Rev. Master watched and enjoyed very much.

17th January '2008 - Thursday - Rev. Master conducted the morning satsangh and solemnised 9 weddings. Even on this day there were close to 3,500 abhyasis present for the satsangh.

18th January '2008 - Friday - Rev. Master left for a trip to Kolkata and Hyderabad by an evening flight. He is expected to arrive back in Chennai from Hyderabad on Monday, the 28th of January 2008.

Some photographs taken during this period may be seen at:



3) SRCM India Newsletter

A newsletter covering the Mission’s activities in India has been recently launched, and the first edition may be seen at the following URL:

This newsletter will be published once in two months, and will be available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati and Marathi.  It will contain information about Master’s recent travels, announcements, and events across India.

Abhyasis residing in India may subscribe to the newsletter in the language of their choice at the SRCM website, at