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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2008.32 – Sunday, 2nd November, 2008


Dear Sister/Brother:

Rev. Master's visit to Dubai
October 22 – 31, 2008
Report submitted by Br. Amir Imani

Light in the Desert

We in the Middle East were privileged to host our beloved Master from October 22-31, 2008. Many abhyasis from Europe, Africa, Canada, USA, and all over Middle East region had gathered here to be with Master. Regular morning and evening satsanghs were conducted at venues nearby to where he was residing. Master's joyous mood was infectious especially while speaking to abhyasis on many occasions. He held meetings with the local functionaries, met with the South African group separately, visited a number of local abhyasis at their homes, and made several prefects for different countries.

On October 28, the Dubai Centre had the honor of hosting the beloved for the celebration of Diwali (Festival of Lights). On the celebration Day, Master conducted both morning and evening satsanghs. A few hundred of abhyasis attended the celebration. The evening satsangh was followed by a heart touching cultural program by different groups of abhyasis from Europe, and India. It was moving to witness that abhyasis had put their hearts into their performance only to make the beloved happy. The Day ended with a dinner reception at the venue.

During his visit Master kept up his usual habit of going out for short strolls in bazaars, parks, and other public places, meeting people, dealing with them and always leaving traces behind. On many of these walks passer-bys often approached his companions with questions out of curiosity, attraction, or sheer interest in him and his work.

On his last night of stay, a team of three abhyasis visited Master's residence and sang wonderful bhajans for him. This seemed to be a perfect ending to an enlightening ten day visit with the beloved. One abhyasi was wondering innocently what Master's private life looks like. What is apparent about Master's life is that he is constantly working towards our spiritual and even material existence. He never seems to be resting from making prefects, conducting satsanghs, answering questions, replying to numerous emails and requests, etc. And all these are in the direction of bringing light and love into our hearts, lives, and societies.

Below are some excerpts from some of Master's discussions during his recent trip to the Middle East:

  1. So we have to change our attitude. Broadening the heart has become a symbol, you know, has not become an actuality or reality.
  2. You know, love is the most expensive thing to give because you have to give your heart. Without the heart it's the cheapest thing on earth, costs you nothing, just a few words. You know. So let us get into reality. Let me see the hearts. Not just words….. When Babuji was asked by some abhyasis, "What can I give you, Babuji?" He said, "That's all I want, a tiny heart this size." (shows the fist) And that is what gives the Guru health, perhaps even extends his life in your service. He doesn't need health for himself.
  3. So let us not always look outside and see the glitter and glamour of the world. Let us look inside and see that Divine resplendent light. And once we see that we will be guided by that….. And that becomes your guide. It takes you more and more inside, deeper and deeper inside. As Babuji said, there is a universe here which is vaster than all the physical universes put together.
  4. We have got this tendency or the training to look upon work as belonging to different categories. Simple work, easy work, useless work, difficult work. You know. Work is work. There is no second category. That must be understood. That is karma yoga. Sahaj Marg is nothing but karma yoga. Anything which has to be done must be done.
  5. Without the sun there is no moon. It's only reflecting the light. So when we are jealous, when we are, you know, angry with others, it is because we think they are robbing us of what we think is our light. But we have no light without His light. And as long as that light is there, our life is sure. Only thing, we have to polish it. Cleaning. Okay?

Some photographs taken during this visit may be seen at: