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Satkhol Himalayan Ashram


  • To visit the Satkhol ashram all abhyasis may kindly complete the Satkhol application form.
  • Online forms will be available as per the following schedule:
  1. September 15th for Spring Batches — February, March
  2. December 15th for Summer Batches — April, May, June
  3. March 15th for monsoon Batches — July,August
  4. May15th for Autum/Winter batches -- September, October, November
  • The ashram is closed for the winter months of December and January.
  • Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Accommodation is limited to a maximum of seventy two people, inclusive of children.
  • Admission to the Satkhol ashram will be strictly with written permission and a valid Mission ID card.
  • Regretfully, abhyasis arriving without written permission will be denied admission.
  • Abhyasis are requested to arrive in Satkhol on the allocated Tuesday morning of their batch and leave by Sunday evening at the latest.
  • Abhyasis are not encouraged to bring their children in the batches to Satkhol Ashram. If children must be brought, then the family will be accommodated in Babuji Nilayam which is about 300 meters from the ashram. Please note that food is served only at ashram kitchen.