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CREST Bangalore - Training Programs

All training programs are suspended till March, 2017. This is due to renovation activity at CREST.
New schedule of training programs will be announced as soon as the renovation activity comes to an end.

Any queries regarding training programs at CREST can be emailed to crest.applications@sahajmarg.org

CREST Bangalore offers the following training programs till June, 2016:

Library Read, Review & Research:   (3 days Program)

29th – 31st January, 2016
20th – 22nd May, 2016
8th – 10th July, 2016
9th – 11th September, 2016
25th – 27th November, 2016

Objectives :

Use of the CREST library, which contains a rare collection of books,
periodicals, research journals and videos covering a broad range of
subjects related to spirituality, philosophy, science, various faiths to

1. Develop the art of reading from the Heart.
2. Create a condition to absorb.
3. Recording of key points for clarity of understanding.
4. Contribute by way of articles, papers for publications.

Click here to apply for this Program using an online application.

Economy and Equanimity ( 5 days Program )

17th – 21st August, 2016

Objectives :

Helps abhyasis understand and appreciate economy at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.
Highlights the importance of equanimity (a balanced state of mind) and how to develop and sustain it.
Guides abhyasis on how to apply economy and equanimity in all situations - at home, ashram, work place and society.

Click here to apply for this Program using an online application.

Faculty Development Program:    (5 days Program)

23rd - 27th March, 2016
9th - 13th November, 2016

Objectives :

Acquire in depth knowledge and a research based approach to impart training with enthusiasm and create interest in learning and reading.

To develop a heart based approach in order to connect and communicate with the audience.

With an exposure to different interactive methods of learning and teaching.

Please use the application form to apply for the program. The application is a word doc.

Living our Values:      (5 days Program)
21st - 25th Dec., 2016

Objectives :

  • Character Formation – The need of the hour.
  • Leading a Purposeful life at all fronts – Family, Professional, Material and Spiritual.
  • Simple living and an honest approach to life.

Click here to apply for this Program using an online application.

Discover the ‘Self’:       (5 days Program)

15th - 19th June, 2016
19th - 23rd October, 2016

Objectives :

The real ‘Self’ within, is what drives us to explore spirituality, The enquiry is an ongoing one.

To provide the time, space and environment to deepen this enquiry.
Subtle Aspects of Sahaj Marg Sadhana – How the Sadhana helps in refining the individual self.
Evolution of Consciousness.

Click here to apply for this Program using an online application.