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Babuji’s Birthday Celebrations, Molena, Georgia, April 29 – May 1, 2011
A report alongwith Master's talk and photo gallery from Babuji’s birthday celebrations at Molena Ashram is now available on the web site. Jump into the spirit of the theme, “Hearts United”, by following the weekend’s events, talks, and other inspirations at  
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New website for Omega School
To represent duly the efforts and enthusiasm of the highly dedicated team of teachers and staff, the website for the Lalaji Memorial Omega School (LMOIS) has been totally redesigned and offers insights about the life at Omega and the constant guidance and love of our Master. You are invited to visit: 
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Learn to Listen and Apply - Master's Talk
Closing Session, Scholarship Training Programme for India, 24 April 2011, Chennai, India Master says that only when we are fully present, with a seriousness of purpose, are we able to listen and apply what we are learning. He explains how important it is to tell the truth when we have not understood something; otherwise we may never have it explained to us. Read Master’s complete talk, or...
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Transmission - The Vitality of Life (Master's Talk)
Inaugural Session, Scholarship Training Programme for India
16 April 2011, Chennai, India In this talk Master explains that Sahaj Marg meditation imparts wisdom not through the brain, but through the heart. The vital element of teaching is transmission, by which the guru’s grace and energy are transmitted into us. We learn to depend on this transmission and to keep our hearts open to it,...
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Sahaj Marg in the Middle East and North Africa
Today, different practices of meditation for regulating the mind are becoming more available around the world. Sahaj Marg is a notably effective system in this genre. In the Middle East, it has grown and flourished for the past two decades, culminating in the first SMSF meditation centre in the Middle East and North African region, inaugurated by Chariji in Dubai on 21...
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One World One Humanity, Volume 5, Issue 1 (March, 2011)
Read examples of heartfelt activities at Sahaj Marg centres around the world in the latest issue of the Shri Ram Chandra Mission publication which highlights our association with the UN DPI, promoting peace, understanding of others and humanitarianism.  Read more at: .  
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Master's talk at Raipur, India
Scatter the Seeds of Spirituality - 9 March 2011, Ashram Inauguration, Raipur, India In this inaugural talk, Chariji speaks eloquently about the importance of carrying spiritual values (largely forgotten in the material world) into the future. God created a world of unity, and human beings have created separation everywhere. We practice Sahaj Marg not only for our own evolution but also to carry...
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Registration for Revered Master's 85th Birthday Celebration
Registration is now open for Revered Master's 85th Birthday celebration to be held in Tiruppur, India. Abhyasis in India are requested to register locally at their respective centers. The registration form is also available at Overseas abhyasis can register online, and details are published on the website. Abhyasis...
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Sahaj Marg Retreat Centres Worldwide
The Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF) has three retreat centres, two in India and one in the United States. Abhyasis practicing for at least two years are encouraged to take advantage of a unique opportunity for introspection, self-acceptance and inner change. Learn more at  
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Echoes of Far East, Issue 1: February 2009
The highlight of the inaugural issue is a picture timeline of Babuji and Chariji’s visits to East Asia, from their first trip in 1977 until Chariji’s visit in 2008. It also includes quotes from Master and abhyasi essays on the topic of evolution. Read more
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