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During Bhandaras

SOME PRACTICAL CLARIFICATIONS (by brother U.S. Bajpai, Secretary of the Mission): Following points are occasionally referred by different prefects for clarification. The matter has been discussed with Rev. Master and as desired by him it is felt necessary to clarify these points to all concerned.

Taking sittings during celebrations

The grace of Master in continuously pouring during the days prescribed for Bhandaras and the abhyasis should feel and receive the same for their spiritual benefit. Even if an abhyasi requests for individual sitting during these days he should be advised to sit for meditation by himself and feel/receive the grace for his benefit.

Doing cleaning during celebrations

As regards cleaning, it is the basic and integral part of Sahaj Marg practice and it should be done daily without any exception. It is, therefore, advised to do cleaning regularly even during Bhandaras.

Garlanding photos of Masters during bhandaras

As regards garlanding of the photos of Masters before satsang on the days of celebrations, the same is done as an expression of reverence. It is, therefore, advised to garland the photos before satsang at various celebrations and other important occasions.