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September 28, 2015 Celebrations - Registration


All abhyasis are encouraged to register for the celebrations at the earliest, preferably before coming to the venue. Considering the time constraint, early and confirmed registrations will enable proper planning and preparation for the infrastructure required for the celebrations.

Abhyasis in India

Abhyasis in India can register for the celebration using one of the following two methods.

Abhyasis in India can register online for the celebrations through https://www.sahajmarg.org/registration/expressRegistration.jsp?seminar_id=150067 or they may register at their respective centres following the normal registration process.

Abhyasis outside India

Abhyasis outside India are requested to register online through https://www.sahajmarg.org/registration/selectSeminarHandler.jsp?seminar=150067

Abhyasis who are seventy years of age and above can participate, if they are healthy and have a younger companion to assist them.

Permission (to start meditation) is granted to introduce children of age 15 years and above. The minimum age of 18 years is no longer mandatory.

Introductory sittings for those who have completed 15 years of age (thus running in their 16th year or above), can be given by any preceptor.

Children who have completed 15 years and above are permitted to attend the celebrations. They can also start Meditation with introductory sittings from Revered Kamlesh Bhai, during the celebration.

Children below 15 years are not permitted at the celebration venue.