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September 28, 2015 Celebrations - Invitation

Celebration Dates

27th to 29th of September 2015. The celebration concludes on the 29th of September after the morning satsangh.


The weather in Tiruppur during the period of the celebrations is likely to be pleasant.

Travel Advisory

Health and Safety

Following abhyasis are requested not to register or travel -

  • Those who have been advised NOT to travel by their doctors.
  • Irrespective of age, those who require special assistance and medical support. Such abhyasis are requested to meditate at their respective locations, at the times prescribed for satsanghs during the celebrations.

An Invitation to Prepare Ourselves for a Bhandara

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Dear sisters and brothers,

Master has asked us to prepare for the bhandara in September in his email dated the 25th of August 2015:

“Abhyasis, including all preceptors, should thoroughly study Reality at Dawn again and again, even if they have read the book many times in the past. Ask them to pay attention especially to two chapters, ‘Realisation’ and ‘Ways and Means’.”

Please find below an activity that will allow you to deepen your understanding of the book Reality at Dawn.

For the next three weeks, you will read and reflect on the book Reality at Dawn, and will be amazed what a new reading of the same book can reveal. Try to really immerse yourself and absorb the hidden treasures in this book of Babuji Maharaj.

You can do this activity in different ways:

  • Do it on your own and follow the method proposed below to go deeper into your understanding of the book.
  • Invite some abhyasis to your house and have an informal reading session together
  • Propose it as an activity in your centre, after a Sunday satsangh, in cooperation with your Centre-in-Charge and the local team. This activity might already be planned, so look out for it.

Invite the abhyasis who are going to participate in this activity to follow the guidelines below:

Reading technique

For the first week, take the first three chapters of Reality at Dawn. Read one chapter a day. Try the following method:

  • As you read, keep a pencil in hand and every time you come upon a word that is important to you, underline it. We will call it a keyword.
  • As you underline, be sure to underline only keywords. There is no limit to how many keywords you may identify as long as you feel the particular word is important to you. Keywords are usually just one word, not a sentence. Note that two words that go together can be exceptionally underlined like: “seventy-two generations”.
  • After you finish each chapter, in your diary on a single page write down all the keywords you picked up in capital letters in clear writing. Leave some space between each keyword.
  • If you have time, make a second or even third reading of the chapter, without your pencil.
  • The next day, go back to your diary where you have noted the keywords and keeping them in mind, write briefly (at most one page) what you felt about the chapter. Focus on the following aspects when writing:

    What understanding came during the study of this chapter?

    What came up in my heart?

    How is my condition after reading this chapter?

    A few things to keep in mind:
    Avoid elaborate explanations.
    Avoid going back to the book when writing.
    Just refer to the keywords in your diary and write what the chapter evoked in you.

    Repeat the same process for each chapter. At the end of the week, you will have read the first three chapters of the book several times.

What to do with questions?

If any question arises while reading this book, note it in your diary.

During the group activity below, refrain from asking these questions. The activity is more about sharing what you have understood. Also true understanding is personal; allow it to come from inside. Take some time to meditate when these questions arise.

Try this: offer the question before you start meditating and before going to sleep and let the answer come from within yourself . Sometimes the answer will come from another part of the book, or from another book. Sometimes it comes much later. Let it happen naturally.


Propose a meeting with the abhyasis of your group or join the activity in your centre.

In groups of 5 to 10 abhyasis, take some time to sit together and share your findings about the reading you have done.

Go together through the questions below one by one. Remember that it is a sharing space where people express themselves and listen to each other. Refrain from engaging in explanations, debate or commenting on what others say. Just share your feelings and findings.

What is the general feeling that stays with you after reading these three chapters?

What was the most insightful discovery that you made during this reading?

Did you observe any change in your life, behaviour or practice that has been influenced by this reading?

Repeat the same process for the reading of the other seven chapters of Reality at Dawn according to the following schedule, so that the study of the book is completed before the bhandara: Week 2 - chapter 4 to 6; Week 3 - chapter 7 to 10.