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The Ten Maxims

1. Rise before dawn. Offer your prayer and puja (meditation) at a fixed hour, preferably before sunrise, sitting in one and the same pose. Have a separate place and seat for worship. Purity of mind and body should be specially adhered to.

2. Begin your puja (meditation) with a prayer for spiritual elevation with a heart full of love and devotion.

3. Fix your Goal which should be complete oneness with God. Rest not till the ideal is achieved.

4. Be plain and simple to be identical with Nature.

5. Be truthful. Take miseries as Divine Blessings for your own good and be thankful.

6. Know all people as thy brethren and treat them as such.

7. Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts.

8. Be happy to eat in constant Divine thought whatever you get, with due regard to honest and pious earnings.

9. Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others.

10. At bedtime, feeling the presence of God, repent for the wrongs committed. Beg forgiveness in a supplicant mood, resolving not to allow repetition of the same.


An archer can never hit the mark unless his attention is fixed on it. An abhyasi needs to be like the archer and keep his attention ever fixed on the goal.

- Babuji