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24th July Celebrations

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It is with a lot of joy and enthusiasm that many are actively preparing for Beloved Master’s 85th birthday celebrations in Tiruppur and all over the world.

Not all of us will be able to participate physically in the Tiruppur gathering, but all will be touched by this event. It is the responsibility of each to prepare for it in order to benefit truly from the blessings that will be showered on the world on this special occasion.

For this gathering Revered Master has given the theme - "Discipline in Love." The days that lie ahead offer an important opportunity to contemplate the theme. To this end, we have highlighted a few talks (available on our web site) that will help us in our reflection. You may read them by clicking on the links given below.

An ‘Invitation to prepare ourselves’ is also available on our web site as a slide show. It highlights the importance of preparing for a bhandara, the attitude to maintain during the celebrations and what we may anticipate after the celebrations are over.

We encourage you to benefit from perusing all these sources.


Revered Babuji Maharaj

Wednesday, July 21, 2004 - 10:00 a.m.

"In our Mission, anniversaries serve to focus the thoughts of all onto their Master in a more intense way than usual, and to increase this energy of love, specific to its cosmic identity. May all our brothers be blessed and become increasingly vigilant to develop in themselves love, this ultimate vibration."


For our Beloved Master’s 85th birthday, let us take the time to ready ourselves for offering our master the most beautiful birthday gift: hearts open, loving and eager to receive what he wants to give us in his immense love.

Talks by Rev.Master during Bhandaras