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Invitation to the youth

Youth is a time of possibilities. It is a period in life filled with opportunities waiting to be realized, provided we are prepared. While education helps us to develop our physical and intellectual capabilities to their optimum extent, and prepares us to thrive in a competitive world, there is one aspect of our development that does not often receive the attention due to it – the development of our inner being.

Without the synchronous development of body, mind and heart our evolution as human beings remains incomplete. It is therefore balance in addition to excellence that the youth must strive for - the balance between mind and heart, the outer and the inner, between thinking and feeling.

Through the All-India Essay Writing Event, we invite you to tap into your inner space, tune in to the soft voice of the heart that never fails to guide and inspire and, express in words your feelings on the topic.

We encourage you thus to begin the practice of referring to the heart early in life. With joy and hope, as always, we invite you to participate in the All India Essay Writing Event 2018!

This prestigious annual event is a collaborative effort of the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan [UNIC], The Heartfulness Education Trust and Shri Ram Chandra Mission [SRCM] – a non-profit, educational and spiritual service organisation – to celebrate the International Day of Youth observed on the 12th of August every year.

Both organisations are dedicated to the creation of a peaceful human society founded upon love and harmony, and they believe that this can best be achieved by the inculcation of moral and spiritual values in the younger generation whom YOU represent, and in whom lies the hope of a better tomorrow.

Your willingness to participate in this event is, to us, a silent but effective expression of your concern for the state of our world and your recognition of the crucial role that youth must play in the creation of a new world inhabited by capable and balanced individuals. Therefore, as in past years, we once again urge YOU to apply your mind and search your heart as you pen down your personal understanding of these topics.


Essay Event

The All-India Essay Writing Event is organised each year in numerous educational institutions across the country. There are two categories of participation and students have the option to express themselves in any ONE language English, Hindi or one of the 9 approved regional languages as per state wise language eligibility list. To get information on the options available to you please check the poster displayed in your institution or contact the Essay Event coordinator of your institution.

Participation is open to the following two categories:

Category 1 is for students of classes 9 to 12. To participate under this category you need to go through your school. When the Essay Writing Event is announced in your school, get in touch with the teacher in charge of the Event. Please ensure that you have the correct topic for your category and that the description of the topic is exactly the same as on the poster. Obtain a copy of the Participant Information Slip which is to be completed by you and attached securely to the essay that you submit to your institution. In case your school is not participating in the Essay Writing Event and you wish to do so, you may get in touch with us at essayevent@srcm.org, giving your name, address and contact number.

Category 2 is for those attending an Under Graduate or Post Graduate program in any educational institution. If you wish to participate under this category, you need to get in touch with the coordinator for your institution. In case the details of the coordinator are not available or you are unable to get in touch with the concerned person, mail a request to us at essayevent@srcm.org with the address of your institution. Before submitting the essay, please ensure that the completed Participant Information Slip is securely attached to it.

All eligible and willing candidates from a participating institution must submit their entries to the institution's designated authorities by 12 August 2018. To be eligible to participate as Direct Entry, you should be enrolled for study with an institution, which is not participating in the Essay Event Program or have opted for a distance learning course/program, and are  28 years of age or younger as of  12  August 2018. However if you are employed either in an Institution or in Private/Government employment, you will not be eligible to participate in this Event. You need to write to us at essayevent@srcm.org, giving your name, postal address and telephone number/s. We will direct you to our designated representative for your area with whom you can coordinate your participation. Please get in touch with us in sufficient time to enable you to submit your essay to our designated representative before the due date (12 August 2018).


Topics for 2018

Category I [Classes 9 through 12 ] (Word Limit – 600)

"There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart. "

- Charles Dickens

Category 2 [UG and PG] (Word Limit – 750)

Age Limit < 28 years (Unemployed)

"A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it."

- Rabindranath Tagore


The specific rules and guidelines for writing the essay, common to both categories of participants are available on the poster and in detail in the Information Leaflet under the section "Rules and Guidelines". Please go through these carefully before starting to write the essay.

We are also making available to our participants the criteria on which the essays will be evaluated.

We hope this will help you understand what we expect from an essay produced for this event.

It is sincerely hoped that your experience of writing the essay for this event is both enjoyable and educative.


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