Sahajmarg - Natural path
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Sahaj Marg, meaning the Natural Path, takes us on a journey in to the heart, towards the highest expression of our inner self.

It is a refined and simplified form of raja yoga that includes three elements - meditation, cleaning and prayer. These elements combine to create a complete and effective system, bringing inner transformation.

Meditation trains the mind to look within, to discover the Self. This is facilitated by an ancient yogic technique called pranahuti or transmission. Starting the day with meditation brings a different quality to the whole day.

The practice of cleaning in the evening removes impressions and complexities - the impediments on our inner journey - in much the same way that taking a bath cleans the body. Cleaning results in lightness of being and simplicity.

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Prayer creates an attitude of wonder and acceptance, and deepens our inner awareness of the Self.

Sahaj Marg is especially suited to modern-day family and working life. It is in the family that human values are perfected, complementing the spiritual practice.

The teacher, also known as the guru, is at the heart of Sahaj Marg. The present teacher is Shri Kamlesh D. Patel. He is an example of someone who balances the material and spiritual aspects of life, having mastered both and integrated them.

Sahaj Marg can best be known through practical, personal experience. We invite you to try it sincerely for a few months to test its efficacy in your own life.