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Vrads Sande Retreat Centre, 2012 Calendar
Abhyasis wishing to visit the Mission’s newest retreat centre – in Vrads Sande, Denmark – will find a slide show along with the 2012 calendar and all necessary information to apply at    
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Report on Teen Retreat Camp at Molena Ashram, USA
From 9-13 August, 2011 twenty-five teens and youth gathered for the first North American Teen Retreat Camp. Throughout the course of these days, the teens explored the theme "What is Spirituality to Me?" Sessions included journaling, introspection, audio/video of Master's talks and plenty of discussion on topics such as spirituality, the basics of Sahaj Marg, and balancing material and...
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Important Announcement from Rev. Master
A brief talk after satsangh by Revered Master announces the nomination of brother Kamlesh Patel as his spiritual successor. The audio file and transcript may be accessed by clicking on the following link:
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Self Control and Samskaras
Find questions and answers on self-control, samskaras and the right to be happy, in a conversation with P. Rajagoplachari in Dubai, 28 October 2008.
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Master's talk to Abhyasis from Africa
Master's talk given during a seminar with Abhyasis from Africa on 16 July, 2011 at Manapakkam is at
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Transcript of Master's Address on July 24th, 2011
Transcription of Master's address delivered at Tiruppur on July 24, 2011 is available at
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Translation of the Mission Web-site in Russian
The Mission's web-site , which is already available in 10 International languages, is now also available in Russian. To access any of these translations, please navigate to the main page and use the pull down menu at the top of the page to select the language.
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SRCM Abhyasi Cards
As you may know, Abhyasi ID cards are mandatory for registration at seminars, gatherings and for entry into ashrams. Please ensure that you carry your physical ID card to Tiruppur in July. In case you have not applied for an ID card as yet, please note that the Sunday, 3rd of July 2011 is the last date to make a request for the same either through your India Nodal coordinator, or if you reside...
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LMOIS student trip to Satkhol with Revered Master
The much awaited journey of the Omega School students with their Beloved Master began on 27th May, when Revered Master arrived in Delhi early evening and students from various parts of the country assembled at the R K Puram Ashram . Read more at
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Opening of Vrads Retreat Centre
We are happy to inform you that Vrads Sande Retreat Centre will open on June 17, 2011. The Retreat Centre is located in a designated area within the Ashram premises and will be open throughout the year, except during larger seminars at Vrads Sande Ashram. To know more about Vrads Sande Retreat Centre and the registration process please visit our website ...
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