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The body lives and grows at the physical level and so sustains itself on physical food. The soul, being spiritual in nature, needs nourishment of a higher plane. In Sahaj Marg this spiritual food is called transmission.

Just as electrical energy can be transmitted, so also spiritual energy can be transmitted. Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh (Lalaji) rediscovered this ancient art of yogic transmission in the late nineteenth century, passing it down through the lineage of Sahaj Marg masters. Through it, the living Master is able to introduce the subtlest energy of his own spiritual condition into the heart of the aspirant for the purpose of inner development. Transmission is thus described in our teachings as “the utilization of divine energy for the transformation of human beings.”

The Sanskrit word for transmission is pranahuti (prana meaning life force; ahuti meaning offering). When it is directed into our hearts, we are filled with a force that transcends our own level of development. All that is required of us is that we  are sincere in our daily meditation practice. If we cooperate in this way, the transmission will expand our capacity for growth and accelerate our spiritual progress.

All transmission comes from the source, through the Master. Transmission is not limited by time or space. As water flows through a water pipe, so the transmission flows from the heart of the Master into the waiting heart of the aspirant.

“In every action that we perform, or by which we receive, an act of transmission is involved. But in the transmission of Sahaj Marg it is the highest gift of life’s life itself, and it is this that sets the Sahaj Marg system of raja yoga apart from all other extant systems of yoga."


The body is alive only because the soul is in it. At death the soul flies away, and then we say the person is dead, and call the body a corpse. So the body lives by the soul. How does the soul live? I will tell you. The soul lives by transmission which we can think of as the essence of Divinity.