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July 24, 2015 Celebrations - Volunteers

Friday July 10, 2015

Dear sisters and brothers,

The 88th birth anniversary celebrations of our beloved Chariji Maharaj is only a few weeks away, and the Tiruvallur ashram is being prepared for this divine and joyous occasion. Abhyasis from various centres have been arriving in large numbers to take part in the preparation of the venue for the celebration.

Last Sunday there were about 1500 abhyasis from various nearby centres, all of them working as volunteers for the whole day. Things are taking a final shape and preparations for the bhandara are going on in full swing.

We take this opportunity to invite abhyasis from all centres to come to the Tiruvallur ashram as soon as possible and participate in this on-going volunteer effort. This also offers the opportunity to benefit from the sublime utsav atmosphere right from the beginning.

Please find below a few photos of the various activities that are happening at the venue.

Volunteer activities