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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2010.06 - Sunday, 4 April 2010

Message from Publications Department

Private Circulation of Unofficial Version of Master’s Talks / Transcripts

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

It is observed that Abhyasis circulate transcripts of Master’s formal / informal talks through emails, which in turn, are being forwarded to more Abhyasis and so forth, resulting in chain mails. Such content is prone to errors, and contain perceptions and interpretations instead of EXACTLY communicating what Master has said – and, as such, pose a risk to our organization.

Please note that circulation of such unofficial versions are NOT permitted / authorized. All Abhyasis are hereby requested to desist, discourage and stop any activity related to private circulation of unofficial transcripts. Any instance of such circulation may also be immediately reported to publications.print@srcm.org.

The official version of Master’s talks are published on the Mission’s web site (www.sahajmarg.org) typically within a few days of the event. These are available for one and all for any reference.

The Publications Team

Announcement about Retreat Centres

In order to facilitate the staff and residents of the Retreat Centres to attend the important events of Rev. Babuji Maharaj’s birth anniversary and our Master’s birthday celebrations, it is proposed to close the Retreat Centres on the following dates:
Thursday, April 29th to Saturday, May 1st.
Monday, July 19th to Saturday, July 31st.

Please plan your travel accordingly.  Information about the retreat centres and the application procedures can be found on our website at: