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Sahaj Sandesh No: 2010.25 Thursday, 28 October 2010

1. Constant Remembrance E-Magazine Poll

Dear Brother / Sister,

As you know, our quarterly magazine in English, 'Constant Remembrance' (CR) has evolved over a period of time as a very effective means of delivering messages of our Beloved Masters and also as an effective tool for abhyasis to share their experiences and thoughts for the benefit of other abhyasis.

Of late, e-magazines and e-books have been gaining popularity, thanks to the increasing global awareness on going green. At this time, we would like to seek your opinion on a proposed e-magazine version of CR. How would you like it, if you got your CR magazine on the internet, which you could down load onto your computer and read it? This, apart from being environment friendly, would help some of the frequent users of internet access CR as per their convenience. So, please do respond and indicate your preferences. If 500 or more abhyasis subscribe to the e-magazine, we can publish the same.

If you are given a choice of printed vis-a-vis e-magazine, which one would you prefer? To let us know your opinion, please send a mail to cr.survey<at>sahajmarg.org with the subject line containing

* Either "emag ABHYASIID" (if you prefer e-version)

* Or "print ABHYASIID" (if you prefer a print version)

where "ABHYASIID" stands for your Abhyasi-id. For example, if your id is INXXAA100 and you prefer e-version of CR, please type 'emag INXXAA100' as the subject of your mail.